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Biography and Bibliography of Dr. T.C. Narendran (1944-2013)

By: Kailash Chandra, P.M. Sureshan and P. Girish Kumar

Price: $50.00

Publisher: Kolkata, India, Zoological Survey of India: 2018

Edition: First Edition

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ISBN: 8181714709

Condition: New

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Groundwater Management in India: Physical. Institutional and Policy Alternatives

By: M. Dinesh Kumar with contribution from O.P. Singh

Price: $10.25

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Sage Publications: 2007

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 028843

ISBN: 0761935355

Condition: New

Groundwater is becoming an increasingly popular resource because of the relative ease and flexibility with which it can be tapped. While developing groundwater resource promises to help alleviate poverty in many areas, the most formidable challenge is its sustainable use and management in regions where it is under threat. The central focus of this book is groundwater management in India: the economies that groundwater generates, the socio-economic impact of its intensive use, and the physical, institutional and policy options for its management. The book provides a fresh analysis of the socio... View more info

Women in New Asia: Changing Social Roles

By: M.P. Kumar

Price: $17.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, MD Publications/Prints Publications: 2011

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ISBN: 8175333472

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Cultural values become manifest in cultural norms and behaviors. Gender roles and the implications of these expectations on Asian women are particularly relevant. Traditional Asian gender roles prescribe for women to place the role of wife and mother above all others; men are expected to be the family breadwinner and spokesperson. Asian cultural values consequently encourage distinct spheres for men (e.g., work) and women (e.g., home) and a gendered household division of labor in which the burden of household duties such as housekeeping tasks and childcare rest heavily on women. Given the burd... View more info

Women on The Move: Globalization and Labour Migration

By: M.P. Kumar

Price: $38.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, MD Publications/Prints Publications: 2011

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ISBN: 8175333502

Condition: New

Globalization has had such negative consequences for women and children that some commentators argue that 'globalization is a man'. Globalization has contradictory effects on women. Those who assign male gender to globalization are right to point to how women's role in reproduction and the family means they suffer more from the effects of the neoliberal agenda but that's only half the story. It has also brought great freedom to women, especially those living in traditionally conservative countries. Ultimately, by bringing women into the workforce, globalization has given women a power they lac... View more info

Higher English Grammar and Composition

By: M.P. Sinha, A.K. Awasthi, Shravan Kumar, Harfeen Kaur (Authors)

Price: $25.20

Publisher: New Delhi, Atlantic Publishers & Distributors: 2018

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ISBN: 8126927704

Condition: New

About the Book The book Higher English Grammar and Composition is based on Modern English Grammar which has its base in descriptive linguistics and describes the structure/system of English language under Sound System, Word System, Syntax, and Punctuation; different from the traditional method of studying grammar which is based on Orthography, Etymology, Syntax, Punctuation, Rhetoric and Prosody. The grammatical terms used in this book are those in current use in modern grammar. To describe the English language more accurately and consistently, authors have made some changes in the terminology... View more info