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Development Issues in Contemporary India

By: M.R. Biju

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Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2011

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ISBN: 8180697142

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This collection of twenty-nine papers attempts to examine the various aspects of Development in Contemporary India. Taking a close look at development projects and action plans, it addresses the critical issues concerning sustainable development, public-private partnership in health-care, good governance, and security challenges in e-commerce. The contributors also deal with the protection of human rights and social justice, judicial activism, educational development, political participation of tribals, the role of Panchayats in alleviation of poverty, coalition politics, and the contribution ... View more info

Local Governance and Rural Empowerment: Trends and Challenges

By: M.R. Biju

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Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2015

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ISBN: 9789351251828

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The Constitution of India provides a clear mandate for democratic decentralisation not only through the Directive Principles of State Policy which exhorts the State to promote Panchayati Raj Institutions but more specifically now through the 73rd and 74th Amendments of the Constitution which seek to create an institutional framework for ushering in grassroots democracy through the medium of genuinely selfgoverning local bodies in both urban and rural areas of the country. However, despite the constitutional mandate, the growth of selfgoverning local bodies as the third tier of governance in th... View more info

Rural Development Under Decentralised Governance

By: M.R. Biju

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Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2012

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ISBN: 8180698386

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The present volume attempts to explode the ways and means for the development of rural India. The volume contains Twenty-Three articles and research papers contributed by senior civil servants, renowned academics and activists with rich experience on the core areas of the study. In their submissions the authors have tried to explore tje existing problems faced by the rural development sector and touched upon the major components needed for the development of rural India. Though the contributors have given insights and their approaches differently all of them have highlighted the areas of conce... View more info

Politics Globalization and Insurgency: Trends and Challenges

By: M.R. Biju

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Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2015

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ISBN: 9789351251552

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The legacy of the national movement in terms of liberal, socialist and Gandhian ideals continues to shape and deepen India’s democratic process and structure. The Indian democratic experiment envisioned and operationalised by our forefathers constitutional experts and leaders have worked successfully and have evolved and devolved strengthening the very foundations of the democratic system. But the long march to democracy to prove its worth has not been without constraints and hurdles. Its struggle to achieve national unity and political integration by democratic means is threatened by unlawf... View more info

Rural Development Governance and Participation

By: M.R. Biju

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Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2014

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ISBN: 9789351250517

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Acquiring a Constitutional status in 1993, the Panchayati Raj Institutions in India gave the vision of a democratic governance down even to village level (the Gram Sabha) by decentralizing State’s developmental functions, finance and functionaries to PRIs, granting them autonomy so that they function as institutions of self-government, securing people’s participations in local development and ensuring accountability and transparency of the government to the people. It is not only a system of participative self-governance but it ensures political empowerment to the poor, the marginalized an... View more info

Indian Tourism : Policies, Issues and Alternatives

By: M.R. Biju & M.R.B. Anantha Padmanabha

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Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2019

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This volume attempts to address issue pertaining to various aspects of Indian tourism viz., issues, initiatives, perspectives, perspectives of tourism, strategies to revamp tourism, linkage between tourism and human rights, unemployment issues in tourism sector, application of web technology in tourism advancement, aspects of responsible tourism, potentials to stimulate tourism destinations, living aspects of eco-tourism communities, rural empowerment through ecotourism, marketing of ecotourism, approach to destination satisfaction, issues related to tea tourism, dental tourism, connection bet... View more info