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History and Development of Indian Agriculture

By: P.C. Bansil

Price: $157.10

Publisher: New Delhi, Daya Publishing House: 2018

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ISBN: 9789351248750

Condition: New

The book “History and Development of Indian Agriculture“ is one of the Series - Economics of Agriculture and Allied Aspects. It consists of 12 Chapters which include History of Agriculture in India, History of Irrigation, Hundred Years of Co-operatives, Agriculture during British Period, Agribusiness and its SWOT Analysis, Grow More Food Campaign, Green Revolution in Mexico, 1943–1965, Green Revolution in India, Food Situation Immediately after Independence, Agricultural Development in India Since Independence, Indian Seed System Development: Policy and Institutional Options and Land Acq... View more info

Bihar Agriculture: A Perspective

By: P.C. Bansil

Price: $55.95

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2011

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ISBN: 8180697436

Condition: New

This book examines agricultural perspectives in Bihar and comes up with the conclusion that this State which has shown an annual growth rate of over 11 per cent in Agriculture GDP during the last 5 years, has the potential of taking its place of pride as the forerunner of Second Green Revolution. The book is divided into 14 chapters. First 7 chapters undertake a critical analysis of the present ground situation for a proper understanding of the emerging issues success stories and failures with reasons in each case. The next 4 chapters Input Management, Research and Extension, Infrastructure an... View more info

Economics of Agriculture and Allied Aspects: Micro Indicators and Planning (Volume-1)

By: P.C. Bansil

Price: $113.85

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2014

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ISBN: 9789351250173

Condition: New

This volume one in the - series Economics of Agriculture and Allied Sectors – covers two Chapters Micro Indicators and Planning. Besides providing all types of essential data series under the two heads, both the Chapters contain valuable discussion notes directly/ indirectly related to the subject matter in each case. One of the speciality of Chapter one is to have international picture about the various types of indices, including HDI, Wealth Index, Human Poverty Index, Happy Planet Index, Global Peace Index Gender Related Dev. Index, Happiness Index and Corruption Index etc., International... View more info

Poverty Mapping in Rajasthan

By: P.C. Bansil

Price: $30.95

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2007

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ISBN: 8180693341

Condition: New

This book makes an attempt to develop a composite Index of Human Poverty in Rajasthan. It analyses the location specific causes of poverty in the state, using both district-wise secondary data and primary data collected through an extensive household survey. The study seeks not only to identify who are poor and where they are concentrated, but also why the poor people stay poor, at macro and micro levels. The book will be useful for policy makers, researchers and development workers. Printed pages: 366. View more info

Water Management In India

By: P.C. Bansil

Price: $31.99

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2004

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ISBN: 8180690970

Condition: New

Water, the elixir of life, has taken today the centre stage all over the world. Since the 1992 International Conference on Water and the Environment in Dublin, there has been a great deal of intensive and serious thought at different levels about the limited availability of the earths fresh water resources. As populations grow and water use per person rises, demand for fresh water is soaring. Yet the supply of freshwater is finite and threatened by pollution. It is no longer possible to keep wasting and fouling our precious resource of fresh water. The apprehension of serious global scarcity o... View more info