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Companies Commerce and Merchants: Bengal in the Pre-Colonial Era

By: Sushil Chaudhury

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Publisher: New, Manohar Publishers & Distributors: 2015

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ISBN: 9789350980828

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This anthology vastly expands our understanding of the much-misconstructed history of early modern Bengal. The original forays in Bengal’s economic history illuminate the state of prosperity in Bengal in the pre-colonial era. Together they seek to redress the misconception that economic decline in Bengal set in even before the British conquest of Bengal. Based on original sources in the European and Indian archives and libraries, most of the essays in the book underscores that Bengal had a prosperous economy even in the mid-eighteenth century. The period is extremely significant inasmuch as ... View more info

Trade Politics and Society : The Indian Milieu in the Early Modern Era

By: Sushil Chaudhury

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Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

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ISBN: 9789350980835

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1st Edition. The essays in the volume deal with a potpourri of Indian history in the early modern era. They unfold many facets of the trade, politics and society of India and offer new perspectives which will help dispel some of the misconceptions prevailing for long. The first part of the book is concerned mainly with Bengal trade and commerce wherein after an extensive survey of the maritime trade in the Indian Ocean, the role of the Armenians as also their unique contribution in Dhaka’s commercial and social life in the eighteenth century has been studied in depth for the first time. It a... View more info

Prelude to Empire: Plassey Revolution of 1757

By: Sushil Chaudhury

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Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

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ISBN: 8173043019

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This book dispels the received wisdom that the Plassey conspiracy was an 'Indian born' conspiracy, that the British had no 'calculated plotting' behind the Plassey revolution, that it was the 'internal crisis in Bengal which inevitably brought in the British' and that the British conquest was almost 'accidental'. By making an in-depth analysis of the genesis of and the circumstances leading to the Plassey conspiracy and revolution, Professor Sushil Chaudhury discounts the 'collaboration thesis' as well and shows conclusively that it was the British who not only engineered and encouraged the co... View more info

Profile of a Forgotten Capital: Murshidabad in The Eighteenth Century

By: Sushil Chaudhury

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Publisher: New Delh, Manohar Publishers &Distributors:

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ISBN: 9789350981948

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Armenians in Asian Trade in the Early Modern Era

By: Sushil Chaudhury & Keram Kevonian (Eds)

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Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

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ISBN: 8173049939

Condition: New

1st Edition. Contents: Introduction. I. Les armeniens dans le commerce international et intercontinental Armenians in international and inter-continental trade: 1. Questionnaire pour les armeniens aux 17 et 18 siecles. Presence position et place dans poekoumene economique/Michel Morineau. 2. Participation of Iranian Armenians in world trade in the 17th century/Vahan Baibourtian. II. Les Armeniens et la Nouvelle-Djoulfa Armenians and New Julfa: 3. Wealthy merchants and factors. The legacy of Julfa/Vazken Ghougassian. 4. The commercial law of the New Julfa Armenians/Edmund Herzig. 5. The archite... View more info