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India Macroeconomics Annual 2007

By: Sugata Marjit (ed.)

Price: $12.25

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Sage Publications: 2008

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 028531

ISBN: 8178298716

Condition: New

The ongoing focus of this Annual will be to analyse macroeconomic events in contemporary India using macroeconomic and statistical tools. While one part of the Annual will be devoted to macroeconomic issues, the other part will carry academic research papers encompassing a wide range of topics such as labour, fiscal issues, banking and finance, international trade, econometrics, computational and mathematical methods. The focus of this section will be on problems affecting the economy in general and will take a broader view of topics relevant to developing countries. Printed Pages: 176. View more info

South Asian Economy: Challenges and Future Prospects

By: Sukanta Sarkar & Suman Kalyan Chaudhury (Authors)

Price: $27.30

Publisher: New Delhi, Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd..: 2018

Seller ID: 700477

ISBN: 9789386397225

Condition: New

Economic development ideally refers to the sustained, concerted actions of communities and policymakers that improve the standard of living and economic health of a specific locality. It can be referred to as the quantitative and qualitative changes in an existing economy. It involves development of human capital, increasing the literacy ratio, improve important infrastructure, improvement of health and safety and others areas that aims at increasing the general welfare of the citizens. Education, entrepreneurship, physical infrastructure, and social infrastructure all play an important role i... View more info

Strike: A Study of Conflict

By: Sukanti Priya Pattnaik

Price: $2.90

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.: 1993

Seller ID: 105772

ISBN: 8121204453

Condition: New

The book offers full explanations on some of the important aspects of strike in magestic style: its significance for the working class struggle for its emancipation, as a safety value against gainer breakdown of labour management, government's role and legal provisions, reasons of strike, strikes of varied nature, influencing factors and a note on the future trends of strikes.Printed Pages: 162. View more info

Social Science Research in India: Status, Issues, and Policies

By: Sukhadeo Thorat & Samar Verma (Eds)

Price: $45.00

Publisher: New Delhi, Oxford University Press: 2016

Seller ID: 900556

ISBN: 0199474419

This volume elaborates on various dimensions of social science research in India, presenting a strong case for designing a comprehensive national social science policy which can meaningfully strengthen and promote a research ecosystem for improved public policymaking in the country. Addressing issues like lack of funding, availability of data, infrastructure, and quality of research output, it will serve as a national benchmark and reference database for social sciences in India. PRINTED PAGES: 656. View more info

Politico-Economic Ideas of Mahatma Gandhi: Their Relevance in the Present-Day

By: Sukhendu Mazumder

Price: $10.00

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2004

Seller ID: 701014

ISBN: 8180691098

Condition: New

This book makes an in-depth study of Mahatma Gandhi's Politico-economic ideas and their relevance in present circumstances. Analyzing Gandhi's three Cardinal concepts-Varna dharma trusteeship, and decentralization, it reviews his views on labour, capital and agrarian reorganization. Also, it goes deep into the controversy of large versus small scale industries, with particular reference to Gandhi's views on the subject. A comparison is made as well between the ideas of Gandhi and Marx. The book is of great use to those who have interest in Gandhian studies. Printed pages: 120. View more info

Taking More than a Commission; A Critique of the Commission Agent System in Punjab Agriculture

By: Sukhpal Singh & Tejinder K. Dhaliwal (Authors)

Price: $4.85

Publisher: Delhi, India, Aakar Books: 2011

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 109205

ISBN: 9789350021064

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 142. View more info

India Policy Forum 2009-10: Volume Six

By: Suman Bery, Barry Bosworth, and Arvind Panagariya (eds)

Price: $15.50

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Sage Publications: 2010

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 033361

ISBN: 8132105052

Condition: New

India Policy Forum 2009–10 (Volume 6) comprises papers and highlights of the discussions from the sixth edition of the India Policy Forum (IPF) conference, held on July 14 and 15, 2009, in New Delhi. The annual examines India’s reforms and economic transition using policy-relevant empirical research. It generates theoretically rigorous and empirically informed research on important current and unfolding issues of Indian economic policy. A joint publication of the National Council of Applied Economic Research in India and the Brookings Institution in the United States, the IPF serves as a f... View more info

Restructuring of International Economic Relations: Uruguay Round and the Developing Countries

By: Sumitra Chishti

Price: $10.00

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 1991

Seller ID: 701027

ISBN: 8170223695

Condition: New

This book systematically analyzes the factors that have led to marginalization of developing countries in the world economy. It discusses the status of various principles and provisions which were built in the world trading system over the years to enable the developing countries to benefit from it. It highlights the challenges and the sources of these challenges to them in the context of the Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations specifying the areas of deep concern to developing countries. The ineffectiveness of collective bargaining of developing countries in pursuing their object... View more info

Implementation of Labour Enactments

By: Sunanda S. Sonarikar

Price: $50.00

Publisher: Bombay, India, Popular Prakashan: 1976

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 039918

Condition: Very Good

Printed Pages: 366. Chipped dust-jacket. View more info

Studies in Economic Policy and Development of India (1848-1926)

By: Sunil Kumar Sen

Price: $25.00

Publisher: Calcutta, India, Progressive Publishers: 1966

Edition: First Reprint

Seller ID: 039912

Condition: Very Good

Printed Pages: 239. View more info

Kautilya's Arthasastra in the Light of Modern Science and Technology (Reconstructing Indian History & Culture Series: No. 22)

By: Sunil Sen Sarma

Price: $15.95

Publisher: New Delhi, India, D.K. Printworld (P) Ltd.: 2012

Edition: Second Impression

Seller ID: 027342

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 285 with 3 maps and 5 figures. View more info

Kautiliya Arthasastra Revisited

By: Surendra Nath Mital

Price: $5.75

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.: 2004

Edition: Reprint

Seller ID: 010928

ISBN: 81-87588-03-6

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 159. View more info

Empowering Rural Consumers: Opportunity, Challenges and Strategies

By: Suresh Misra & Mamta Pathania (Eds.)

Price: $52.95

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2018

Seller ID: 700922

ISBN: 9789386682277

Condition: New

The book is an outcome of a National Seminar on "Globalisation, Markets and the Rural Consumers" organised by the Centre for Consumer Studies, Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi. The seminar was sponsored by the Department of Consumer Affairs, Government of India. The book contains twenty two chapters written by eminent experts working in the area of consumer protection and welfare and is divided into four sections, each focusing on a specific theme. They analyse the rural scenairo, the status of the rural consumers, the lack of safety mechanisms and the ways and mean... View more info

Towards Sustainable Consumption and Life Styles: Some Insights

By: Suresh Misra & Sapna Chadah (Eds.)

Price: $51.95

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2018

Seller ID: 701062

ISBN: 9789386682284

Condition: New

Consumption is the reason why anything gets produced. However, the present consumption and production patterns together are reason for all man made stress on natural environment. Consumerism may be the single greatest threat to environmental and social stability on the planet. If global society is to address the many environmental and other sustainability challenges that confront us in the twenty-first century, such as climate change and water resources, it will be necessary to make significant changes in our patterns of consumption, production, and distribution. Sustainable consumption is not... View more info

Consumer Protection in India: Policies and Case Studies

By: Suresh Misra & Sapna Chadah and Mamta Pathania (Eds.)

Price: $42.95

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2012

Seller ID: 700891

ISBN: 8180698742

Condition: New

It's nearly twenty five years that the Consumer Protection Act was enacted. With three amendments, the Act has achieved some measure of success in not only redressal of consumer complaints but also galvanizing the consumer movement in the country. However, there is much more to be achieved. We need to assess the impact of the legislation to move forward and it is in this context that the book assumes importance. The book is an outcome of a National seminar on "Consumer Protection inn India: Lessons Learnt and Future Challenges", organized by the Center for Consumer Studies, Indian Inst... View more info

Culture and Economic Transformation : Perspectives from India and China

By: Surjit Singh & Surinder S. Jodhka (Eds.)

Price: $42.10

Publisher: New Delhi, Rawat Publications: 2013

Seller ID: 701735

ISBN: 8131605841

Condition: New

China and India – the two emerging economies with growing influence the world over – are also undergoing profound social and cultural change. While China introduced a variety of economic and political reforms in 1978, India initiated economic reforms only in 1991. These shifts produced significantly higher rates of growth than witnessed during the preceding decades. The rapid pace of economic growth in both these countries transformed their economies in many ways, but economic transformation does not occur in isolation. Culture and social institutions also influence, and are influenced by ... View more info

Cambridge Igcse(r) and O Level Economics Workbook

By: Susan Grant

Price: $20.90

Publisher: New Delhi, Cambridge University Press:

Seller ID: 1200378

ISBN: 1108440401

Condition: New

This series helps students understand economic theory, terminology and principles. By applying tools of economic analysis, undertaking calculations and writing longer responses, students learn how to look at the world like an economist. The workbook matches the Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Economics syllabuses and provides students with additional concepts to strengthen their understanding, as well as the quality of their answers. The answers to the workbook questions are in the teacher's resource. Printed Pages: 134 View more info

Tribal Woman Labourers: Aspects of Economic and Physical Exploitation

By: Sushama Sahay Prasad

Price: $5.62

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.: 1988

Seller ID: 105705

ISBN: 8121201934

Condition: New

The most comprehensive exposition of the various aspects of economic and physical exploitations of the tribal women engaged as unskilled industrial labour force.Printed Pages: 236. View more info

Security, Political Autonomy and Development of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

By: Swapan K. Biswas & Manis Kumar Raha and Palash Chandra Coomar (Eds.)

Price: $51.25

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2018

Seller ID: 701042

ISBN: 9789386682307

Condition: New

The Andaman and Nicobar Group of Islands consisting of over 500 islands, islets and rocks, is situated in the Bay of Bengal about 1200 km. from the mainland of India. These islands have a long history which ever goes beyond the period when the British took control of Andaman Islands in 1790 and Nicobar Islands in 1869. The book deals mainly with the security of the Islands, claim for the autonomy and also the development of the Islands. The isolation and the remoteness of these islands from mainland India, once made these islands almost defenseless, and as a result these islands were prone to... View more info

The Gendered Proletariat: Sex Work, Workers’ Movement, and Agency

By: Swati Ghosh

Price: $18.55

Publisher: New Delhi, Oxford University Press: 2017

Seller ID: 900550

ISBN: 0199477752

Through a political–economic analysis of prostitution, this book examines whether sex work is generative of value, and renders problematic the dimension of ‘work’ in sex work. PRINTED PAGES: 264. View more info


By: T. Chiranjeevi

Price: $12.50

Publisher: New Delhi, Rawat Publications: 1994

Seller ID: 701815

ISBN: 8170332435

Condition: New

Despite the importance of tea in the national economy, not much attention has so far been paid by economists to the subject. While focusing on this neglected area, the present book attempts to analyze the problems faced by Indian tea industry in order to help the policy makers. The present concern in the Indian tea industry is to meet the domestic demand and maintain, if not increase, our exports in the international market. The main constraint in this regard is on the supply side. This study, while trying to estimate the area and yield responses of Indian tea producers, experiments with alter... View more info

Land Policies for Inclusive Growth

By: T. Haque

Price: $52.25

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2012

Seller ID: 700985

ISBN: 8180698858

Condition: New

This book contains papers presented in a national seminar jointly organized by the Council for Social Development and Rural Development Institute, New Delhi on November 9-10, 2010. Besides, some papers were especially commissioned for this volume. The contributors are internationally known experts who have done extensive research and policy advocacy in the field of land reform. The book analyses various old and new ways for redistributive land reform and makes an in-depth analysis of: (i) existing tenancy laws in various States and their implications for agricultural efficiency and equity, (ii... View more info

Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of BT Cotton in India

By: T. Haque & Mondira Bhattacharya and Ankita Goyal (Authors)

Price: $16.25

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2015

Seller ID: 701048

ISBN: 9789351251132

Condition: New

The book titled ‘Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of BT Cotton in India’ is based on a comprehensive study of the impact of Bt cotton in nine major cotton producing states of India. Both secondary and primary data were used to arrive at the conclusions. The yield of cotton has substantially increased in India in the past one decade due to the adoption of Bt cotton as well as improved irrigation and favourable output prices. However, concerns have been raised about its ecological sustainability and economic advantage for small farmers in the long run. The book analyses both positive and neg... View more info

Impact: Social and Economic Implications of the Kudremukh Iron Ore Project

By: T.C. Palakshappa

Price: $10.22

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 1981

Seller ID: 700971

ISBN: 8170221854

Condition: New

Large scale investment has become a general trend in present day Indian society. It has become a fashion and a general trend to think big. The think big policy of the government does have benefit to the national economy in India and brings in huge amounts of capital and profit from outside. However, the economic benefits and the social costs to the local population figure very minimally in the planning procedures. With the help of field observational and survey-data-collection techniques, the study highlights two important aspects. First the opportunities open to these two villages, in terms o... View more info

Old China's New Economy: The Conquest by a Billion Paupers

By: T.K. Bhaumik

Price: $8.95

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Sage Publications: 2009

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 028136

ISBN: 8178298627

Condition: New

A new China was born in 1949. After thousands of years of feudalism, in six decades the economy has undergone a change from Mao (read socialist economy) to market (socialist market economy). Old China's New Economy: The Conquest of a Billion Paupers, presents a comprehensive analysis of the rise and growth of the Chinese economy since the beginning of the country's transition to a socialist market economy, highlighting the critical role of two major change agents - the government and the people. While the credit goes to the former for successful transition to a high growth economy, there is an... View more info

Economic Development and Social Change in Mysore State (Karnatak University, Economic Series: No. 11)

By: T.K. Meti (ed.)

Price: $59.95

Publisher: Dharwad, India, Karnatak University: 1971

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 039913

Condition: Very Good

Printed Pages: 581. Chipped dust-jacket. View more info

Image for Essentials of Indian Statecraft: Kautilya's Arthasastra for Contemporary Readers

Essentials of Indian Statecraft: Kautilya's Arthasastra for Contemporary Readers

By: T.N. Ramaswamy

Price: $8.95

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.: 2016

Edition: Reprint

Seller ID: 002520

ISBN: 8121506557

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 164. View more info

Sidelights on Indian Economy

By: T.N. Ramaswamy

Price: $6.00

Publisher: Mumbai, India, Allied Publishers Private Ltd.: 1964

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 021192

Condition: Good

Printed Pages: 165. Slightly chipped dust jacket. Bumped corners. View more info

Poverty and Income Distribution in India

By: T.N. Srinivasan and P.K. Bardhan (eds)

Price: $5.00

Publisher: Calcutta, India, Statistical Publishing Society: 1974

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 021068

Condition: Good

Printed Pages: 560. Bumped corners. Cocked binding. View more info

Reforming the Indian Public Sector Banks: The Lessons and the Challenges

By: T.R. Bhat

Price: $48.75

Publisher: New Delhi, Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd..: 2018

Seller ID: 700447

ISBN: 8121214203

Condition: New

As a part of the larger economic reforms launched in India from 1991 and continuing today, the banks in the public sector (PSBs) have been subjected to continuous reforms spread over 25 years. The present book studies the whole gamut of reforms in relation to the PSBs. It documents the circumstances that triggered the reforms in 1991, the kind and the range of reforms introduced at different intervals till March 2017. The book critically examines the impact of the reforms with relevant data and authoritative references from both official and non-governmental sources. Have the reforms helped PS... View more info

The Concept of Equity in Sukraniti and Arthasastra : A Comparative Study

By: T.R. Sharma

Price: $11.95

Publisher: Shimla, India, Indian Institute of Advanced Study: 2012

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 037590

ISBN: 8179860892

Condition: New

Printed pages: 212. View more info


By: Tapas R. Dash & K.K. Sen (Eds.)

Price: $25.50

Publisher: New Delhi, Rawat Publications: 1998

Seller ID: 701803

ISBN: 817033439X

Condition: New

Co-operatives have been playing a pivotal role in the socio-economic upliftment of the poor and the downtrodden. India is proud of having the largest number of co-operative organizations in the world with mass involvement of the people from different sections of the society. But, the new economic policy and the consequent structural changes have posed a challenge to the development of co-operatives in our country. It is in the background that this volume provides a comprehensive explanation of the role played by the co-operatives in economic development. Each paper included in it takes up a sp... View more info

Commercial Geography of A Metropolitan City: Spatial Structure of Retailing in Bombay

By: Tapati Mukhopadhyay

Price: $17.50

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 1995

Seller ID: 700889

ISBN: 8170225647

Condition: New

The study examines the nature of temporal and spatial growth of retailing trade in Greater Bombay, in mutual relation to the demographic and functional growth of the city in general and in relation to commercial activity in particular. It examines and evaluates the nature and intensity of spatial organisation of the retail trading activity of Greater Bombay to analyse the spatial differentiation and specialization of retailing function and to search for an explanation, as related to the wholesaling function, and other specific urban parameters such as commuting pattern and residential function... View more info

Goa Through the Ages: An Economic History (In 2 Volumes)

By: Teotonio R. de Souza

Price: $33.95

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 1990

Seller ID: 700961

ISBN: 8170222591

Condition: New

Goa Through The Ages: An Economic History is part of five- volume series planned by Goa University in its efforts to promote the cultural heritage of the territory and its people. The project is entrusted to historians with long experience of research in the history and culture of the land. The present volume brings together a sifted and synthesized picture of Goa economic past. It has incorporated the information and insights that have come in the recent past in sizable doses, largely as a result of the research promoted by the International Seminars on Indo-Portuguese history since 1978. Som... View more info

Beyond Micro-credit: Putting Development Back Into Micro-Finance

By: Thomas Fisher and M.S. Sriram

Price: $10.95

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Vistaar Publications: 2002

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 028527

ISBN: 8178291711

Condition: New

Micro-finance has emerged in recent years as a major tool for development and is fast growing as an international industry. This book explores how developmental goals and action can be put back into micro-finance. It sets out how micro-finance can be designed, in practice, to contribute to a wide range of developmental objectives, including social and economic security for poor people, promoting livelihoods, building democratic people`s organisations, empowering women, and changing wider systems or institutions within society. It provides a detailed discussion on the fast expanding movement of... View more info

Strong Water: Nitric Acid: Sources, Methods of Manufacture, and Uses

By: Thomas H. Chilton

Price: $22.00

Publisher: Cambridge, Massachussets, USA, The MIT Press: 1968

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 039384

Condition: Good

Printed Pages: 178. A water-stain throughout the text. A good, readable copy. View more info

A Theological Response to Special Economic Zones and Livelihood in India (Christian Heritage Rediscovered: 13)

By: Thomas M. J.

Price: $11.30

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Christian World Imprints/B.R. Publishing Corporation: 2015

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 106397

ISBN: 9789351480525

Condition: New

The book mainly discusses the pittalls of dominant economic paradigm, in which one of the major policies that has accelerated neo-liberal economic agenda is Special Economic Zone (SEZ). It brings into limelight the adverse influence of SEZ especially on the livelihood of Small Farmers and Agricultural Labourers. Because of SEZ they can no more have access to land, water and forests which provides them life sustaining products. Based on facts and figures, the author asserts that creation of SEZ in India is mainly at the cost of farming land and livelihood of farming communities.This book brings... View more info

You Can be Rich: A Practical Guide to Financial Planning

By: Times Group Books

Price: $7.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Times Group Books: 2014

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 104964

ISBN: 9789384038120

Condition: New

Why are some people rich, while others struggle to hold on to their finances? Is there some secret to building wealth and resources? In this book, the writers examine the hurdles which prevent most people with moderate incomes from amassing wealth. They teach readers that there are two main problems keeping them from becoming rich: ignorance and a lack of planning. To this end, they teach readers how to plan their expenses ahead so that they have some money left over at the end. They show that organizing one’s finances and keeping an account of every single transaction will improve their cha... View more info

Economics of Good and Evil: The Quest for Economic Meaning from Gilgamesh to Wall Street

By: Tomas Sedlacek

Price: $40.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Oxford University Press: 2011

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 036861

ISBN: 0199767203

Condition: New

View more info

Rule by Numbers: Governmentality and Colonial India

By: U. Kalpagam

Price: $28.00

Publisher: New Delhi, Orient BlackSwan:

Seller ID: 1202399

ISBN: 8125060243

Condition: New

Rule by Numbers examines aspects of the production of statistical knowledge as part of colonial governance in India using Foucault’s ideas of governmentality. The modern state is distinctive for its bureaucratic organization, official procedures, and accountability that in the colonial context of governing at a distance instituted a vast system of recordation bearing semblance to and yet differing markedly from the Victorian administrative state. The colonial rule of difference that shaped liberal governmentality introduced new categories of rule that were nested in the procedures and recor... View more info

Sustainable Rural Transformation Through Agro-Industries: Project Analysis and Case Studies

By: U.K. Srivastava & Pramila Srivastava (Authors)

Price: $83.30

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2018

Seller ID: 700858

ISBN: 9789386682185

Condition: New

Indian economy is undergoing structural changes. The share of agriculture and allied activities in GDP has declined over the years. On farm Jobs are diminishing or stagnant. There is a need to generate off farm jobs through secondary and tertiary processing of agriculture (crop, horticulture, animal husbandry, fisheries, forest produce) raw material and these are not increasing to keep pace with the needs, despite potential. In India more than 75% of agro processing is done by informal and small enterprises. But most informal and small unit suffer from market and technology constraints. There... View more info

Economics of Social Sector and Environment

By: U.P. Sinha

Price: $30.40

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2007

Seller ID: 700916

ISBN: 8180694690

Condition: New

This book makes a comprehensive study of economics of social sector and environment, especially in Indian context. Presenting modern environmental economic theories as well as diverse elements of resource analysis, it discusses at length the various aspects of welfare economics. Further examining the nature, concept, scope and importance of environmental economics, it extends discussion on economics of natural resources, environmental management, sustainable development, environmental pollution and policy framework and environmental laws and their implementation. This book is designed to addre... View more info

Exploring the Engagement and Empowernment of Women: Multidisciplinary Perspectives

By: U.P. Sinha

Price: $45.15

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2015

Seller ID: 700933

ISBN: 9789351251606

Condition: New

This book deals with multidisciplinary perspectives and describes where they meet and overlap, and where they diverge. However, as a result of the fact that disciplinary boundaries are porous, the possibilities of one dimensional approach diminish and the likelihood of presenting a cohesive and integrated framework increases. The contributions in this book strike a balance between theoretical and empirical papers on one hand and papers with more personal reflection on the other. The book focuses on political economic, legal, social and psychological dimensions besides focusing on the transform... View more info

Monetary and Fiscal Actions in India: An Empirical Evidence

By: U.P. Sinha & K.D. Prasad (Authors)

Price: $35.15

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2010

Seller ID: 700998

ISBN: 8180696642

Condition: New

The book is a modest attempt to highlight on the impact of monetary and fiscal actions on economic development in India. It presents India's monetary and fiscal actions in the economy during nineties and onwards achieved through conscious policy design of reforms while mitigating risks of destabilization in a highly uncertain global environment accompanied by some domestic imponderables. The chapters are arranged thematically with econometric evidence to cover issues relating to monetary policy, fiscal policy and export sector. The book may be of special interest to researchers, policy makers ... View more info

Ecological Imbalances and Plan Perspectives of A Developing Region

By: U.P. Sinha & Mukesh Kumar (Authors)

Price: $48.95

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2013

Seller ID: 700903

ISBN: 8180699609

Condition: New

The real existing State called Bihar has now many connotations. It is a state having the syndrome of non-development despite the fact that it has the past glory amidst plenty of resources. There is no denying the fact that Bihar has remained as one of the richest parts of the country in terms of natural and human resources. There is vast tract of fertile land and abundance of water in the State. The available analysis in the socio-economic perspective of the state in this work is quite conclusive that its journey for development is from debt-trap to backwardness-trap. Bihar is still lurching f... View more info

Tourism in Mountain Region: Retrospect and Prospects

By: U.P. Sinha & Santosh Sharma (Authors)

Price: $45.95

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2018

Seller ID: 701061

ISBN: 9789386682338

Condition: New

Tourism holds a place of prominence in economic development. The book aims to guide and support the readers through the complexities of the economic impact of tourism in the 21st century. It covers important principles and concepts that are supported by research and evidence from economics and other behavioural sciences. The degree of reliance of local economy on tourism has a statistically significant impact on the level of the capital outlays, transportation, Police protection, protection from natural disasters, Parks and recreation, financial administration and public expenditure. The book... View more info

Bihar Tourism: Retrospect and Prospect

By: U.P. Sinha & Swarges Kumar (Author)

Price: $45.40

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2012

Seller ID: 700875

ISBN: 8180697991

Condition: New

The development of tourism in India is a fascinating subject. India glorious traditions and rich cultural heritage are closely linked with the development of tourism. Its magnificent monuments attract a large number of visitors from allover the world. Many major issues relating to socio-economic and cultural impact of tourism are widely discussed in the book that will help to understand economic development and activities of tourism industry. The book has been divided into ten chapters. The main contents of the book include : Profile of Bihar, Tourism and Tourist Places in Bihar, Tourism and H... View more info

Fiscal Federalism in Indian Union

By: Udai Bhan Singh

Price: $15.95

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2003

Seller ID: 700945

ISBN: 8170229820

Condition: New

This book attempts to assess the functional domain and financial health of urban local bodies in most of the states in India where Finance Commissions have submitted their reports. Discussing the taxation powers, it analyses the recommendations of State Finance Commissions. The analysis has been grouped mainly as augmenting existing sources tax and non-tax, assignment of tax sources, sharing, grants-in-aid and miscellaneous. Highlighting the present urban scenario, it conceptualises the principles of decentralisation in the historical perspective. The analysis covers the states of Andhra Prade... View more info

Conditions of the Workers in Asia: Studies in India, China and Other Asian Countries

By: Update Study Group

Price: $10.75

Publisher: New Delhi, Aakar Books: 2018

Seller ID: 901662

ISBN: 9789350025697

Condition: New

In the present stage of imperialist capitalism the condition of the workers in the manufacturing and assembling factories or workshops in the developing and underdeveloped countries is incredibly horrible. Contracted by the giant multinational corporations through multi-layered intermediaries, the subcontracting companies running 'glittering' and 'flagship' enterprises in many countries, tightly integrated to the global supply chain, are transferring enormous burden of manufacturing and assembling on to the workers squeezing them under deplorable and severely hazardous working conditions. Thes... View more info

Labor in the Global Digital Economy: The Cybertariat Comes of Age

By: Ursula Huws

Price: $10.22

Publisher: Delhi, India, Aakar Books: 2015

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 108965

ISBN: 9789350023518

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 208. View more info