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Resource Allocation and Management in Defence: Need for a Framework

By: A.K. Ghosh

Price: $25.20

Publisher: New Delhi, India, KW Publishers: 2013

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 104318

ISBN: 9789381904459

Condition: New

The question that faces governments and militaries the world over is how best to allocate resources for management of defence in the new age. This book, by Shri A.K. Ghosh who has an economics background, explores the framework for change in resource allocation and capability building. It emphasises the importance of introducing programming in Indian defence to serve as a link between defence planning and budgeting. Them is match between defence planning and budgeting needs to be connected by the introduction of resource constrained budgeting, having a multi-year perspective. The RMA, force mo... View more info

Management of Occupational Stress: Theory and Practice

By: A.K. Srivastava

Price: $7.20

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.: 1999

Seller ID: 105914

ISBN: 8121206669

Condition: New

This book is primarily meant for stress management practitioners and stress researchers. However, it would prove equally useful also to individual employees and general readers. Though the main emphasis of the book is on management of occupational stress and consequent strains, in the interest of general readers, it provides basic information on the concept, sources and consequences of occupational stress in separate sections.Though various techniques of stress management are interrelated in the book, various techniques or interventions have been separately discussed in the order of the Stage ... View more info

Governance and Administrative Reforms

By: A.P. Saxena

Price: $13.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Kaveri Book Service: 2013

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 104141

ISBN: 9789382127574

Condition: New

There is today, as never before, a need to change the prevailing understanding of relationship between governance and administrative reforms, and not to look at it by the differences in approach and contents. Such an approach need not be a delimiting exercise but a help to actualize the emergence of a well administered, responsive state. While India is increasingly recognized as an emerging economic power, its administrative underpinning are often perceived as weak, fragile with a limited vision, encumbered by a load of irreversible so it seems procedures and practices. All these perceptions r... View more info

Enterprise Risk Management: Industry Experiences

By: A.V. Vedpuriswar

Price: $25.00

Publisher: New Delhi, SBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd.: 2010

Seller ID: 900327

ISBN: 8131403602

Printed Pages: 544. View more info

Enterprise Risk Management in Financial Services Industry

By: A.V. Vedpuriswar

Price: $23.50

Publisher: New Delhi, SBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd.: 2010

Seller ID: 900335

ISBN: 8131404358

Printed Pages: 374. View more info

Total Quality Management Practices and Municipalities Performance in Developing Countries

By: Abdullah Sulaman Alnasser, Rabiul Islam, & Ahmad Bashawir Abdul Ghani (Authors)

Price: $29.10

Publisher: New Delhi, Shipra Publicaitons:

Seller ID: 1201823

ISBN: 8175418206

Condition: New

This book investigates the effect of national culture on the relationships between soft total quality management, hard total quality management and, the organizational performance in the municipalities of developing countries viz Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. It integrates many theories such as the contingency theory, organizational change theory, and the congruence model, to study the effect of national culture on successful strategy implementation. The book reveals how Soft TQM and Hard TQM are significant predictors of organizational performance. The book may be useful for... View more info

China's Geo-Strategy and International Behaviour

By: Akshaya Handa

Price: $18.09

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Vij Books India Pvt. Ltd.: 2014

Seller ID: 103189

ISBN: 9789382652663

Condition: New

Geography confers advantages and imposes restrictions on regions. Regional powers over the millennia, leverage the former and aim to overcome the latter to maximize their gains. Such behaviour has been more consistent than political or religious ideologies. This can be seen in turmoil in Pakistan despite religious homogeneity and the failure of the erstwhile USSR China Vietnam axis at the height of Cold War despite similar ideology and structures.Likely emergence of China as a global power has placed its neighbours on the horns of dilemma, where some portray it as expansionist and hegemonist... View more info

Indian Management: Thought and Practice

By: Amit Gupta, Ravi K. Dhar & Silky V. Kushwah (Authors)

Price: $14.92

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Gen Next Publication/Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.: 2010

Seller ID: 106121

ISBN: 9789380222325

Condition: New

Indian business and industry in the 21st century has witnessed mind boggling changes on account of the opening up of the economy in late 20th century. The onrush of competition from across the Indian shores and the unleashing of the enterprising spirit within the nation changed the business and economic scenario to such a great extent that managing business with the paradigms of the previous century became extremely unfeasible and incompatible. In such a scenario not only the private sector but also the public sector repositioned itself to survive and flourish in a seamless global market.The c... View more info

Ethics and Business: Concept, Cases and Context

By: Ananda Das Gupta

Price: $9.25

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Rawat Publications: 2005

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 032148

ISBN: 8170338557

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 214. View more info

Competency Based Human Resource Management

By: Anindya Basu Roy & Sumati Ray (Authors)

Price: $35.00

Publisher: New Delhi, Sage Publishing: 2019

Seller ID: 1203710

ISBN: 9789353282974

Condition: New

An analytics-based approach to competency modelling and assessment as the pivot for HRM Competency Based Human Resource Management presents a practice-oriented approach for building organizational competency at the workplace to achieve organizational goals. Useful for students and practitioners of HRM, this book adequately balances theory and illustrations to elucidate the application of analytics in competency modelling across varied industry domains and verticals. Along with methodology for developing reliable and valid psychometric tools for assessment, the book elaborately covers two most... View more info

Management and Job Performance

By: Anuradha Sharma

Price: $1.96

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.: 1986

Seller ID: 105638

ISBN: 8121200571

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 152. View more info

Social Responsibilities of Technologists, Scientists and Managers

By: Anuradha Sharma,Raka Sharan

Price: $1.87

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.: 1990

Seller ID: 105735

ISBN: 8121203317

Condition: New

This volume highlights development, Survival and growth of organisation and Society through auditing, monitoring and Forecasting of the impacts of Scientific and technological developments and Managerial assumptions.Social responsibilities of scientists, technologists, and managers has been the foremost concern of great scientists and social thinkers for many years, and this has often been debated through various for a and from different perspectives. This book highlights development and growth of Organization and society through auditing, monitoring and forecasting of the impact of scientific... View more info

Handbook of Fire Control and Protection

By: Arun Kumar

Price: $28.00

Publisher: New Delhi, SBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd.: 2010

Seller ID: 900329

ISBN: 9789380090023

Printed Pages: 472. View more info

Global Disaster Management

By: Arun Kumar

Price: $16.00

Publisher: New Delhi, SBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd.: 2008

Seller ID: 900330

ISBN: 8189741608

Printed Pages: 300. View more info

Canakya on Management

By: Ashok K. Garde

Price: $10.00

Publisher: Delhi, India, Jaico Publishing House:

Seller ID: 105522

ISBN: 8179924084

Condition: New

Canakya’s Arthasastra deals with the different aspects of managing a kingdom, including management of men. The principles contained in Canakya’s work have the unique distinction of being used successfully in practice to achieve good results on a sustainable basis. The management principles used in the USA or in Japan are derived from their own cultural background. There exists enough evidence to show that these systems, even when meticulously and earnestly adopted in India, rarely take roots or produce the desired results. We need to look for those principles that make sense in our own soc... View more info

Winning at Work Against All Odds

By: Ashwani Lohani

Price: $4.30

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Wisdom Tree:

Seller ID: 106749

ISBN: 8183284418

Condition: New

This book is based on the firm belief that all you have to do to win at work is to manage the 3 Ms—men, money and material in a time-bound manner with a clear objective in mind and value systems unflinchingly in place. Once this happens, no odds are big enough to stop you from emerging as a winner. Going beyond management jargon, Ashwani Lohani, one of India’s most accomplished bureaucrats, credited with turning around organisations like India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) and Madhya Pradesh Tourism shares his inspiring tale of grit and determination in his inimitable passionate a... View more info

The Secret Red Book of Leadership

By: Awdhesh Singh

Price: $6.87

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Wisdom Tree:

Seller ID: 106747

ISBN: 8183283861

Condition: New

The hidden truths of leadership—bitter or sweet—revealed like never before! Great leaders are like icebergs. They conceal more than they reveal. Indeed, mystery, and the art of retaining it, is integral to leadership. Leadership, then, is more an art than a science. It is not a reality that you can touch, feel and measure, but an illusion that is created by many tricks, which you should be able to learn and practise in a way that others are not able to grasp. This book, written by a serving officer of government, is an eye-opener for anybody who aspires to be a leader, at whatever level—... View more info

Management Skills for Successful Agri Entrepreneurs

By: B. Poongodi

Price: $26.45

Publisher: New Delhi, New India Publishing Agency: 2019

Seller ID: 1203899

ISBN: 9789387973190

Condition: New

Agribusiness can be defined as science and practice of activities, with backward and forward linkages, related to production, processing, marketing, trade, and distribution of raw and processed food, feed and fiber, including supply of inputs and services for these activities. Managerial skills are crucial for business people to take appropriate decision for profit maximization. The business management skills help in developing the entrepreneurs and business people to their full potential to scale up and run their organizations successfully. The book covers all the management domains starting ... View more info

Risk Management: The New Accelerator

By: B. Yerram Raju

Price: $9.20

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Konark Publication/D.K. Publishers Distributors: 2013

Seller ID: 117782

ISBN: 9789322008253

Condition: New

The shadow of global financial crises of 2007 is still cast on the developing economies. Banking environment ever since has changed with looming challenges in regard to customer expectations and regulatory rigour. Basel Committees have seen the upswing of regulatory mechanisms moving from capital to liquidity coverage and net stable funding ratios. All these and the competitive environment where the operating space is sliced between unequal players demand risk management as part of business development. Unless the financial institutions view risk management as essential part of their work cult... View more info

Action sociale et Empowerment

By: Bernard Vallerie

Price: $23.80

Publisher: PUG UGA Editions: 2018

Seller ID: 1203800

ISBN: 2706142308

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 64 View more info

People Management: Perspectives and Practices

By: Bharti Thakar

Price: $17.00

Publisher: New Delhi, SBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd.: 2010

Seller ID: 900323

ISBN: 8131407675

Printed Pages: 250. View more info

Human Resource Management

By: Biswajeet Pattanayak

Price: $22.50

Publisher: New Delh, PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd: 2018

Seller ID: 1201521

ISBN: 9789387472815

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 728 View more info


By: Brad VanAuken

Price: $7.88

Publisher: Delhi, India, Jaico Publishing House:

Seller ID: 105579

ISBN: 8179926680

Condition: New

The vast majority of even solid, dependable brands toil along, achieving acceptable but unspectacular results due to an inability to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Their problem? They confuse branding with marketing, brand management with product management, and brand identity with slogans and ad campaigns. Making these distinctions crystal clear is what Branding is all about. This clear and practical guide can help you give your brand an unmistakable and revered identity in a crowded market. Branding offers real solutions for some of the most common and intractable challenges ... View more info

Successful Presentations

By: Brian Lomas

Price: $4.97

Publisher: Delhi, India, Jaico Publishing House:

Seller ID: 105524

ISBN: 818495381X

Condition: New

Presenting is a core business skill. Whether your aim is to inspire a large group, to impart knowledge, or to make things happen quickly, effective presentation skills are a must-have. We explain how to speak confidently to an audience of any size, with impact, clarity and flair.Presenting is not easy, whatever level you are at. The author, an expert presenter himself, describes how to deal with tricky questions and unforeseen problems, how to research and plan your presentation, and most importantly, how to engage your audience.Printed Pages: 208. View more info

It's Okay to Manage Your Boss: The Step-By-Step Program for Making the Best of Your Most Important Relationship at Work

By: Bruce Tulgan

Price: $10.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Times Group Books: 2011

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 104696

ISBN: 8126529555

Condition: New

In this follow-up to the bestselling It's Okay to Be the Boss, Bruce Tulgan shows that the number one factor in employee productivity, work-quality, morale and retention is the relationship between employees and their immediate managers. Unfortunately, he argues, we have been focusing so much on the skills and habits of the managers, that we have neglected the role of the employee in these relationships.Printed Pages: 208. View more info

Organisational Behaviour Issues in Rural Co-operatives

By: C. Balaji

Price: $49.99

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Allied Publishers Private Ltd.:

Seller ID: 039991

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 324. View more info

Administration Under the Early Western Chalukyas

By: C.V. Rangaswami

Price: $41.10

Publisher: Delhi, India, Sharada Publishing House: 2015

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 102720

ISBN: 9789383221080

Condition: New

The book presents a comprehensive and critical study of the Early Chalukyan administration, nature of state and sovereignty of kings and social life and shows primarily how they developed the political traditions of their predecessors, the Kadambas, covering a period of study from the middle of the sixth century CE to the last quarter of the eighth century CE. The area covered by it is the territory in southern India which extended from Gujarat in the north to Banavasi in the south, and the coastal region in the west to the eastern frontier of the Pallava dominions in the east, with the off-sh... View more info

Gods of Management: The Changing World of Organisations

By: Charles Handy

Price: $8.95

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Penguin Portfolio: 2008

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 026720

ISBN: 0143102850

Condition: New

‘It was always a myth that there is one best way to manage, but it has been a pervasive myth and a damaging one, to both individuals and organizations. The Greeks at least recognized a variety of gods, even if each had his or her favourite. We need a law of requisite variety in management as well as a theory of cultural propriety.’ The four gods of the title symbolize the very different styles of management and culture to be found in today’s organizations. Zeus is the dynamic entrepreneur who rules over companies of the club cluture, characterized by speed of decision and rapid, intuiti... View more info

Principles of Risk Analysis: Decision Making Under Uncertainty

By: Charles Yoe

Price: $193.75

Publisher: CRC Press/Mehul Book Sales: 2019

Edition: Second Edition

Seller ID: 1203747

ISBN: 1138478202

Condition: New

Summary The field of risk science continues to expand and grow and the second edition of Principles of Risk Analysis: Decision Making Under Uncertainty responds to several significant changes in the market. The changes identified will be addressed through the addition of several new chapters. The language will be updated throughout the text and the book features several areas of expansion. As before, this book will continue to appeal to professionals who want to learn and apply risk science in their own professions. Remaining a discipline free guide to the principles of risk analysis that is a... View more info

Glorious Hotels Of India

By: Cosmo Brockway , Harriet Compston (Authors) Princess Diya Kumari (Frwd)

Price: $110.10

Publisher: New Delhi, Roli Books:

Seller ID: 1201928

ISBN: 8193750187

Condition: New

About the Book Glorious Hotels of India is a luxury illustrated non-fiction book featuring a hand-picked collection of the subcontinent’s most spectacular places to stay. It gives a grand yet intimate tour of 40 properties, with half of the properties being recent openings. The majority have never been featured before in a publication of this kind. Celebrating India’s splendid heritage while showcasing exciting contemporary design, each subject is captured like a jewel in a box with panoramic detail and portrait shots. Properties include historic palaces, destination spas, seductive beach ... View more info

Risk Management: Contemporary Trends and Practices

By: D. Basu & D.K. Sinha

Price: $6.38

Publisher: Delhi, India, Jaico Publishing House:

Seller ID: 105568

ISBN: 8184950993

Condition: New

The book, Risk Management Contemporary Trends and Practices, deals essentially with basics of risk pursuits in the light of needs and usages in contemporary times. It covers not merely aspects of evaluation, assessment and the like in financial arena, but also some of its emerging facets. That risk is a compelling area to be heeded to even in the scenario affected by continuing perturbations, is also discussed. The book, as a whole, provides exposures also to those who need to go in for in-depth analysis on risk management.Printed Pages: 160. View more info

State and District Administration in India

By: D.D. Aggarwal

Price: $25.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Kaveri Book Service: 2015

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 104159

ISBN: 8192624498

Condition: New

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world with a kaleidoscopic variety and rich cultural heritage. It has achieved all-round socio-economic progress during the last 67 years of its Independence. In the context of the Indian Constitution, local government bodies are the subject of the State List and are thereby governed by State Statutes, or in the case of Union Territories, by the Union Parliament. This book deals with issues of modernization, increased devolution of functions and powers, effective grievance handling system, people’s participation, enhancing responsiveness, proce... View more info

Time Management

By: D.K. Tourangbam

Price: $12.05

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Vij Books India Pvt. Ltd.: 2011

Seller ID: 103360

ISBN: 9789380177540

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 212. View more info

Emotional Intelligence at Work: A Professional Guide (Fourth Edition)

By: Dalip Singh

Price: $11.95

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Response Books: 2015

Edition: Fourth Edition

Seller ID: 039662

ISBN: 9789351501022

Condition: New

Emotional intelligence is increasingly being recognised as a key determinant to professional success in today’s high-stress environment. This fourth, thoroughly revised, edition of a highly acclaimed book is an essential guide to recognise, understand and manage emotions Printed Pages: 200. View more info

The Management Mythbuster

By: David A.J. Axson

Price: $10.70

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Times Group Books: 2010

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 104887

ISBN: 8126528974

Condition: New

The Management Mythbuster is designed as a humorous review of current management practice with a very serious message. Through contrarian and provocative points of view, real world examples and rich analysis, the author makes an entertaining case for questioning much of the conventional wisdom that pervades the corporate world today. Structured as a series of themed chapters each with short, pithy commentaries on a topic or issue, the book is designed to be an easy-read.Printed Pages: 368. View more info

The Quotable Tycoon: A Treasury of Business Quotations

By: David Olive and Gita Parimal

Price: $12.50

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Penguin Portfolio: 2008

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 026721

ISBN: 0670082473

Condition: New

Containing more than 700 instructive, perceptive, and often outrageous views on business from the world’s most powerful corporate leaders and entrepreneurs, The Quotable Tycoon covers more than a century of inspirational, irreverent and timely insights. Dhirubhai Ambani, Warren Buffett, Narayana Murthy, John D. Rockefeller, Akio Morita, Jack Welch, J.R.D. Tata, Donald Trump, Aditya Vikram Birla, Oprah Winfrey, Shikha Sharma, and Bill Gates are among the scores of tycoons from Asia, North America, and Europe whose witty and provocative comments appear in this book. They are complemented by wr... View more info

What's Your MBA IQ ?: A Manager's Career Development Tool

By: Devi Vallabhaneni

Price: $9.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Times Group Books: 2010

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 104956

ISBN: 8126526831

Condition: New

Each chapter of this book have an introduction by a thought leader, a self-assessment indicator, key concepts that include definitions, brief narrative, equations, and a self-assessment test with 50 multiple-choice questions for diagnostic purposes. There will be 10 chapters: (1) General management and organization; (2) Operations management, (3) Marketing management, (4) Quality and process management, (5) Human resources management, (6) Accounting; (7) Finance; (8) Information technology; (9) Corporate control and governance; and (10) International business.Printed Pages: 256. View more info

Strategic Management: Indian Experience

By: Dilip Roy (Ed.)

Price: $10.95

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.: 1997

Seller ID: 105843

ISBN: 8121205468

Condition: New

The different areas of Strategic planning, a dynamic process of determining, are narrated by the top academicians and the chief executives of well-known organisations. The Experiences of strategic thinkers are not only useful for the students of managements but also the managers and executives who want to be competitive with big Business houses.Printed Pages: 312. View more info

Essentials of International Marketing

By: Donald L. Brady

Price: $5.88

Publisher: Delhi, India, Jaico Publishing House:

Seller ID: 105575

ISBN: 8184952309

Condition: New

This unique textbook covers all the key topics for the International Marketing course in a concise and brief manner, thereby fitting nicely into most semester-long academic programmes. The author, from his long teaching experience has organized each chapter to fit into the stipulated teaching period, taking special care about its pedagogy and language at the same time.The book has been extensively class-tested and is well-crafted to serve as a learning tool and ready reference for students. Each chapter includes an opening case vignette, learning objectives, plentiful exhibits and tables, chap... View more info

Expert or Charlatan?: The Rise and Rise of Management Consulting

By: Dr John Louth

Price: $11.80

Publisher: New Delhi, India, KW Publishers: 2014

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 104269

ISBN: 9789383649068

Condition: New

The management consulting industry is a leading component of the world’s knowledge economy permeating every segment of industry, commerce and government service. A multi-billion dollar phenomenon, it has yielded its own body of knowledge and set of practices. Exponents do make a lot of money for the consulting businesses they serve. What is not always understood, or transparent, is the value clients receive. This book seeks to make good that deficiency in our perception of the profession.Leaning on his deep and wide-ranging experience, Dr John Louth seeks to lift the lid on the management co... View more info

Total Quality Management

By: Dr Sandeep Tandon & Anuradha Thakur

Price: $9.70

Publisher: New Delhi, India, KW Publishers: 2012

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 104354

ISBN: 9789380502953

Condition: New

This study is research project on the perception of customers about Total Quality Management (TQM) in the banking sector. Four banks have been taken up for the study viz. SBI, PNB, ICICI and HDFC. The TQM concept is of great significance in today’s business world. Hence, this topic was chosen as a research project. This study has examined the level of perception of customers about the implementation of TQM in the banking sector in District Gurdaspur (Punjab) through a questionnaire covering the entire domain of the topic. It provides an overview of the TQM philosophy as a management approac... View more info

Stress Management at Workplace

By: Dr Sangeeta Mohan

Price: $49.70

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Lenin Media Pvt. Ltd.: 2016

Seller ID: 111884

ISBN: 9789385494048

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 174. View more info

Sustainable Rural Developemnt for Disaster Mitigation

By: Dr Satendra IFS & Vinod K.Sharma (Authors)

Price: $9.40

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd.: 2004

Seller ID: 112603

ISBN: 8180690717

Condition: New

India, due to its geographical position, climate and geological setting is one of the most disaster prone countries of the world and has been experiencing natural disasters every year. Though whole of the country is more or less affected by common disasters, the impact of these disasters on rural population due to its physical, poor socio-economic and specific socio-cultural condition is comparatively more and long lasting. If we analyse the Indian rural society in the context of vulnerability, it is found to be much more vulnerable to natural disasters in comparison to its urban counterpart. ... View more info

Proceedings Of National Conference On Emerging Issues In Marketing And HR In Current Corporate Scenario

By: Dr. Monika Bansal

Price: $24.87

Publisher: New Delh, Lenin Media Pvt. Ltd.:

Seller ID: 1201485

ISBN: 9789385494253

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 281 View more info

Housekeeping Management: In Hotel and Service Industry

By: Dr. Pralay Ganguly

Price: $14.60

Publisher: New Delhi, I.K. International Publishing House`: 2019

Seller ID: 1202611

ISBN: 9789386768247

Condition: New

Salient Features: o Complete compendium from fundamentals of housekeeping to housekeeping management. o Management of rooms, public area, linen & laundry, environment, planning trends, PMS of housekeeping department. o MCQs related to the whole book. o Numerous tables, figures, diagrams and pictures o Sample formats of housekeeping department. o End of chapter self-assessment exercises, concept review questions and key words. Contents: 1. Hospitality, Hotel and Housekeeping 2. Organization of Hotel & Housekeeping, Duties & Responsibilities 3. Cleaning Organization 4. House... View more info

Fundamentals Of Management and Organizational Behaviour

By: Dr. Sangeeta Mohan

Price: $32.37

Publisher: New Delh, Lenin Media Publishers: 2018

Seller ID: 1201442

ISBN: 9789387225015

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 339 View more info

Consumer Behavior

By: Dr. Sangeeta Mohan

Price: $49.80

Publisher: New Delh, Lenin Media Pvt. Ltd.: 2018

Seller ID: 1201444

ISBN: 9789387225039

Condition: New

Religion is a relevant factor in key ways that these groups build support, including their relations with the state, service provision, kinship and patronage networks, and diaspora outreach. The roles religion plays in these categories are complicated and not always intuitive. South Asia’s domestic conflicts are also rooted in its turbulent and unfinished processes of state and nation-building. Unsettled social equations and political hierarchies sharpen ethnic and sectarian conflicts. Identity and ownership of the state- and the nation-in- the-making bring diverse social groups at daggers d... View more info

Value Based Management: An Introduction

By: E. Mrudula

Price: $16.90

Publisher: New Delhi, SBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd.: 2010

Seller ID: 900325

ISBN: 8131405060

Printed Pages: 220. View more info

Cooperative Strategies and Alliances in International Business, 2 Vols.

By: F.J. Contractor

Price: $275.00

Publisher: Pergamon Press: 2002

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 028201

ISBN: 0080441394

Condition: New

Set of 2 vols. View more info

Contemporary Marketing Management: Strategies and Practices

By: Faheema Idrees & T. M. Kuthubudeen

Price: $5.45

Publisher: New Delhi, India, KW Publishers: 2010

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 104393

ISBN: 9789380502465

Condition: New

In age of modern technology environment the book Contemporary Marketing Management: Strategies and Practices covers all aspects of marketing practices. Though the traditional marketing practices are still vibrant in the market, the contemporary marketing holds better scope in future. Online marketing is an area that is ready for more expansion of usage and extension of technology. The paradigm shift from traditional to modern marketing is a key factor based on three shifts namely, (i) Technological shift – Growth from old to new technology, (Telemarketing to Email marketing), (ii) Conceptual... View more info