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Disaster Management Through Panchayati Raj

By: Kamal Taori

Price: $17.60

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd.: 2005

Seller ID: 112496

ISBN: 8180692159

Condition: New

This book attempts to examine the role of Panchayati Raj in disaster management, with special reference to India. Based on a study, conducted by the author, under the aegis of Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), New Delhi, it discusses at length the challenges of disaster management and Gandhian alternatives for sustainable human development. Tracing the missing links, the book further addresses the key issues for action and presents operational guidelines. Also, it explores the role of community based organisations, NGOs, World Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, Inform... View more info

Delimitation of Channel Migration Zones in Ganga Sub-Basin

By: Kameshwar Nath Singh & Narendra Kumar Rana (Authors)

Price: $10.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Raj Publications: 2014

Seller ID: 110893

ISBN: 9789383247073

Condition: New

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Governance Reforms: Critical Issues and Challenges

By: Karunakar Patnaik

Price: $48.95

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2017

Seller ID: 700520

ISBN: 9789351252771

Condition: New

The book on “Governance Reforms” tries to analyse the important issues and challenges that Indian governance system is often confronted with. This book is not deliberately text-book centric nor purely academic literature-based but based on important events that have traversed though the working of our democratic institutions over the years. With six chapters covering administrative, civil service, electoral, judicial, police and corruption, the book deals with rudimentary and basis issues that affect the normal functioning of our governance structure. Because of multiple governance issues... View more info

River Bank Erosion and Land Loss

By: Kazi M.B. Rahim, Malay Mukhopadhyay, and Debashis Sarkar (eds)

Price: $4.95

Publisher: Kolkata, India, Visva-Bharati: 2008

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 028501

ISBN: 8175224304

Condition: New

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An Historical Sketch of Goa

By: Kloguen De Cottineau

Price: $6.50

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Asian Educational Services: 2004

Edition: Reprint

Seller ID: 034697

ISBN: 8120604369

Condition: New

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From Post-Industrial to Post-Modern Society

By: Kumar Krishan

Price: $28.95

Publisher: New Delhi, Rawat Publications: 2005

Seller ID: 701785

ISBN: 1405148322

Condition: New

In the second edition of this classic study, Krishan Kumar introduces and assesses the rival claims of three theories crucial to an understanding of contemporary social theory: the information society; post-Fordism; and post-modernism. Explaining how these theories developed and why they have held such an appeal, the author provides the most readable and evenly balanced account of three very different, but overlapping paradigms. In a new and substantial introduction, Kumar places the three key approaches within the context of contemporary discourse on globalization. From Post-Industrial to Pos... View more info

National Geography

By: Kunwar Ishwar Singh Rathore

Price: $79.75

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Lenin Media Pvt. Ltd.: 2016

Seller ID: 111907

ISBN: 9789385493904

Condition: New

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Resources and Development (Essays in Honour of Prof. (In 2 Volumes)

By: L.N. Ram & Baleshwar Thakur (Eds.)

Price: $104.00

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2015

Seller ID: 700843

ISBN: 9789351250869

Condition: New

This book is a felicitation volume in honour of P. Dayal, Professor Emeritus of Geography, Patna University, Patna and former ViceChancellor of Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, India. The book comprises of two on volumes. Volume one consists of regional resources and Volume two development patterns. Both these volumes reflect the interest of Professor Dayal. Volume one contains topics like resource concept, resource development, agriculture and green revolution, mineral resources as a source of planning for economic development, development of mineral resources in South East Resource Region, coa... View more info

Urban Geography

By: L.N. Verma

Price: $14.25

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Rawat Publications: 2006

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 032050

ISBN: 8131600416

Condition: New

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Urban Geography

By: L.N. Verma

Price: $9.25

Publisher: New Delhi, Rawat Publications: 2008

Seller ID: 702035

ISBN: 8131600424

Condition: New

The book traces the origin and growth of urban places and attempts to analyze the process of urbanization. The phenomena of cities, their systems in the country and their functions in the economy have been significant in the development and environment. Urban reality has its effects distributed locally, regionally and internationally thereby knitting the space (area) in an order or system. The system of urban places is deep-rooted historically, and the process differs both spatially and temporally. The book is, therefore, remarkably set scientifically to bring into light the urban ecology and ... View more info

Geographical Thought: A Systematic Record of Evaluation

By: Lalita Rana

Price: $48.96

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2008

Seller ID: 701354

ISBN: 8180695360

Condition: New

This book explores the multi-dimensional and problematic relationship between ethics and development in the context of an array of methodological tools and conceptual categories such as social capital, civil society, good governance, involuntary displacement and human rights. Special emphasis has been laid to develop the text as a ready reference for students, research scholars, academics, activists, NGO professionals, planners, social workers, policy-makers, bureaucrats and development consultants. Printed Pages: 495. View more info

Geographical Thought: Classical to Contemporary (Revised and Enlarged Edition)

By: Lalita Rana

Price: $37.50

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2014

Seller ID: 701355

ISBN: 9789351250920

Condition: New

Geographical thought at any point in time is a manifestation of the prevailing viewpoints and methodological approaches in vogue. The development of geography has a history of evolution of over 2000 years. The discipline has been crafted over time to incorporate ideas from various schools of thought and several other disciplines from ancient to modern times. The existing methodology and the subject matter of Geography is a reflection of this assemblage and evolution. The nature of development remained more philosophical up to modern period. The First edition of this book, published in 2008, wa... View more info

Globalization Growth and Employment : Challenges and Opportunities

By: Lancy Lobo & Jayesh Shah (Eds.)

Price: $38.95

Publisher: New Delhi, Rawat Publications: 2012

Seller ID: 701758

ISBN: 8131605108

Condition: New

Globalization and subsequent changes are affecting all national economies irrespective of whether it is a transitional, controlled, socialist, or market economy. The result of this change is a paradigm shift in the employment structure of most of the countries. A common trend observed worldwide is that employment is moving away from traditional agriculture to industry and more to services. This volume makes an attempt to evaluate the employment scenario in different sectors of Indian economy after the reforms period. It also makes a comparative study of employment scenario between Gujarat, one... View more info

How to Become an Environment Friendly Miner?

By: M.L. Majumdar

Price: $60.15

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2015

Seller ID: 701391

ISBN: 9789351251743

Condition: New

The book tells the miner how to protect the environment while exploiting country’s nonrenewable natural resources like the minerals for the overall economic development of the country. It gives a vivid description of the most critical seven components of the environment, air environment, noise environment, water environment, land environment, biological environment, socioeconomic environment and health environment, detailing the impact of mining on the environment and effective mitigating measures to counter the adverse impact. The book also highlights the two most critical ills, that is, l... View more info

Glacial and Fluvial Geomorphology of Western Himalayas Liddar Valley

By: M.N. Kaul

Price: $7.50

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 1990

Seller ID: 701369

ISBN: 8170222443

Condition: New

This book incorporates an in-depth and detailed study of glacial and fluvial processes and forms of Lidder Valley, Kashmir. The characteristic landscape features and their ensemble are sought to be explained in a supple, pliant and lucid manner through the application of an empirical and genetic approach. Such an approach also includes the evaluation of mass balances estimates of existing glaciers, a detailed systematic analysis of different erosional and depositional features of glacial and fluvial landscape and reconstruction of palace geographic landscape from fossil flora. Pollen analysis ... View more info

Federalizing India in the Age of Globalization

By: M.P. Singh & Rekha Saxena (Eds.)

Price: $41.25

Publisher: New Delhi, Primus Books: 2013

Seller ID: 701609

ISBN: 9789380607597

Condition: New

The major new direction of change in the Indian political system today is the gradual political decentring of a predominantly parliamentary system of the first four decades after Independence into a new federalizing and globalizing India since the early 1990s. The early stirrings of federalization were indeed evident in the territorial reorganization of the states along linguistic lines in response to popular movements in the 1950s and 1960s. Further territorial reorganization was subsequently agitated for and conceded on tribal lines in the north-east and on regional economic backwardness... View more info

Development of Geographic Knowledge in Ancient India

By: M.P. Tripathi

Price: $12.00

Publisher: Delhi, India, Bharatiya Vidya Prakashan: 1973

Seller ID: 103783

Condition: New

1. Cosmogony and Cosmology 2. Astronomical and Mathematical Geography 3. The Earth, its Solidification, Origin of Continents and Ocean Beds, Earth's Interior, Geology, Earthquake, Volcano, Vulcanacity, Theory of Isostasy and other Terrestrial Phenomena 4. Topography, Physiography, Geomorphology (Mountains, Rivers, Deserts and the Like), Rocks, Soils, Erosion and other Allied Topics 5. Climatology, Meteorology, Clouds, Rainfall, General Precipitation and other Ancilliary Topics 6. Oceans, Oceanography -Waves; Currents Tides, Marine Erosion, Bed; Ocean Flora, Fauna, Resources, Ocean Fisheries, ... View more info

Environmental Geomorphology and Watershed Management : A Study from Central Himalayan Watershed

By: M.S. Rawat

Price: $48.50

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2011

Seller ID: 701300

ISBN: 8180697584

Condition: New

This book brings together geomorphological materials that have been or could be of value in environmental and watershed management for sustainable development including all the parts of applied geomorphology of a Central Himalayan watershed providing useful survey for those interested in exploring practical applications of geomorphology. It also suggests a number of specific measures for environmental regeneration and sustainable development which appear to be feasible and if sincerely implemented will go a long way in restoring the landscape to its former glory. Printed Pages: 286 View more info

India's Wildlife History: An Introduction

By: Mahesh Rangarajan

Price: $13.50

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Orient BlackSwan: 2006

Seller ID: 101848

ISBN: 8178241404

Condition: New

The swift decline and present plight of India's wildlife make regular headlines. This book asks how we came to this point. It introduces us to the long history of India's wildlife, culminating in the present crisis. Drawing on memoirs, archives and official records, Mahesh Rangarajan brings new insights to bear upon age-old encounters between human beings and the natural world in India. While highlighting major figures, such as Jim Corbett and M. Krishnan, he also puts the spotlight on less-known conservationists, landscapes and species. The focus of this book is on key landmarks in the histor... View more info

The Highlands of India, 2 vols

By: Maj. Gen. D J F Newall

Price: $15.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd.: 1984

Seller ID: 112316

ISBN: 8172680333

Condition: New

The Highlands of India in two volumes, consists of a series of papers written originally for the Journal of the United Service Institution of India. They were, however, found “not to suit the requirements of a purely military journal.” As a result, they were offered to the general public instead. First published between the year 1882-87, the two volumes together offer the reader a glimpse into the variegated highland landscapes of the Indian Peninusla : the “ Vale of Cashmere” , the Pir Panjal Pass, the North West Frontier, Simla, Kasuli, Dugshai ; Himalayan watersheds, Kumanon and the... View more info

Fundamentals of Physical Geography

By: Majid Husain

Price: $17.25

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Rawat Publications: 2009

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 032077

ISBN: 8131602788

Condition: New

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World Geography (Third Edition)

By: Majid Husain

Price: $15.95

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Rawat Publications: 2008

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 032087

ISBN: 8131601587

Condition: New

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Models in Geography

By: Majid Husain

Price: $18.25

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Rawat Publications: 2007

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 032091

ISBN: 8131601358

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 362. View more info

Chhattisgarh: A Study in the Culture and Historical Geography (from Place Names in Inscriptions)

By: Malati Mahajan

Price: $21.95

Publisher: Delhi, India, Sharada Publishing House: 2000

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 032231

ISBN: 8185616647

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 282 with maps. View more info

Madhya Pradesh: Cultural and Historical Geography from Place Names in Inscriptions, 2 Vols.

By: Malati Mahajan

Price: $43.95

Publisher: Delhi, India, Sharada Publishing House: 2000

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 032237

ISBN: 8185616612

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 524 with maps. View more info

Globalization: The New Market Ideology

By: Manfred B. Steger

Price: $15.00

Publisher: New Delhi, Rawat Publications: 2004

Seller ID: 701794

ISBN: 817033828X

Condition: New

Globalization: ” “The New Market Ideology” rejects the notion that we find ourselves at the end of ideology and that democracy has won. Instead, Steger argues that the opening decade of the 21st century will constitute a teeming battlefield of clashing ideologies. The chief protagonist is the dominant neoliberal market ideology Steger calls “globalism.” Although globalism constitutes little more than a gigantic repackaging of old laissez-faire ideas, it deserves the label “new market ideology” because its advocates have been able to link their quaint free-market concepts with cut... View more info

Globalisation, Social Justice and Sustainable Development in India

By: Manish K. Verma

Price: $31.72

Publisher: New Delhi, Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd..: 2017

Seller ID: 700062

ISBN: 8121214157

Condition: New

Globalisation, social justice and sustainable development are obstinately interconnected: the relationship is intuitively straight forward, yet somewhat complex. Most recently serious divergence is noticed and experienced in the expected juxtaposition between the three very important components sweeping the world in their wave and the actual reality which is transfiguring and hence attracted the attention worldwide due to the emergent tribulations. At such a time when the galaxy of scholars are grappling globally to comprehend the nexus between globalisation and sustainable development, its im... View more info

Public Distribution System and Tribal Development : A Study of Western Tribal Belt of Madhya Pradesh

By: Manu Gautam

Price: $29.65

Publisher: New Delhi, Rawat Publications: 2006

Seller ID: 701778

ISBN: 8131601242

Condition: New

The problem of food insecurity in India stands with a questionable mark on its proclaimed development process. The inability of the poor people to manage two square meals in a country where tonnes of foodgrains are accumulated as buffer stocks poses severe questions towards providing food security for all. The inaccessible habitations and low purchasing capacity of tribals, along with the volatile nature of market, further reduce their chances to depend on market. Public Distribution System (PDS) in India aims to provide foodgrains to the poorer sections at subsidized prices. Although, it cann... View more info

National Geographic 125 Years: Legendary Photographs, Adventures and Discoveries that Changed the World

By: Mark Collins Jenkins

Price: $44.95

Publisher: Washington, DC, USA, National Geographic Society: 2012

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 037506

ISBN: 1426209576

Condition: New

Featuring show-stopping imagery and thrilling behind-the-scenes tales, National Geographic 125 Years captures the heart of National Geographic's fascinating history, from its earliest days as a scientific club to its growth into one of the world's largest geographic organizations. The book reveals how much we've come to know about our fascinating world through the pages and unforgettable imagery of National Geographic, and taps key voices from the forefront of ocean and space exploration, climate science, archaeology, mountaineering, and many other disciplines to peer with us over the horizon ... View more info

National Geographic the Covers: Iconic, Photographs, Unforgettable Stories

By: Mark Collins Jenkins

Price: $80.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, National Geographic Society/Timeless the Art Book Studio: 2015

Seller ID: 102803

ISBN: 1426213883

Condition: New

National Geographic The Covers is the definitive cover collection from the world's most beloved magazine. The magazine with the famous yellow border has been in publication for more than 125 years, and its vast array of cover stories have opened our eyes to a richly diverse world and taken us to places we only dream of visiting: deep within the rain forest, miles below the surface of the ocean, and into the farthest reaches of the universe. Captured by some of history's most gifted and innovative photographers, these covers tell a fascinating story of the last 125 years, one in which air power... View more info

Globalization and Growth: Implication for a Post-Crisis World

By: Michael Spence & Danny Leipziger (Eds)

Price: $34.50

Publisher: New Delhi, Rawat Publications: 2011

Seller ID: 701763

ISBN: 8131604195

Condition: New

What were the causes of the financial and economic crisis of 2008 – 09? • What intellectual and policy mistakes prevented academics and policy makers from anticipating the crisis? • What is the future of financial regulation—both domestic and international? • What role did global macroeconomic imbalances play in the run-up to the crisis? • What is the future of the export-led growth model, and what are the implications for developing countries? • To what extent will government remain involved in the economy as a result of the crisis? • What is the state of infrastructure p... View more info

Quarter Century of Liberalisation in India

By: Montek S. Ahluwalia

Price: $16.17

Publisher: New Delhi, Oxford University Press: 2018

Seller ID: 700671

ISBN: 0199481075

Condition: New

Liberalisation officially began in 1991, but the seed for it was sown in the late 1950s by proponents of free markets. The debates over the opening up of the domestic market continued through the 1960s in India, resulting in fitful bursts of reforms. It was only from the mid-1980s that talk of liberalisation gathered steam, culminating in the decision to relax economic norms in 1991. These last twenty-five years since liberalisation have seen animated arguments being exchanged. The collection of essays in this volume captures different ideological positions on the subject and offers an informe... View more info

Atlas of Tribal India (An): With Computed Tables of District Level Data and its Geographical Inerpretation

By: Moonis Raza & Aijazuddin Ahmad (Authors)

Price: $75.00

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 1990

Seller ID: 700705

ISBN: 8180692019

Condition: New

An Atlas of Tribal India, the first of its kind, displays the salient features of the tribal population of India with the help of a series of maps, diagrams and photographs. The Atlas contains 188 Plates of all-India maps including a series of regional insets and portrays the distributional aspects of the tribal population, ecological setting of the tribal habitats, their socio-cultural attributes, such as linguistic/dialectal and religious affinity, sex composition and marital status, literacy levels, participation in economic activity and the structure of their workforce. The Atlas is organi... View more info

Vulnerability And Globalisation : Perspectives and Analyses from India

By: N. Jayaram & D. Rajasekhar (Eds.)

Price: $39.95

Publisher: New Delhi, Rawat Publications: 2012

Seller ID: 701755

ISBN: 8131604896

Condition: New

Globalisation, for some, is the most effective route to end poverty, while others view it as the source of all contemporary social, political, economic, and cultural ills. Taking a middle path, some scholars view globalisation as a process, which, though historically inevitable, can be managed for alleviating the vulnerabilities resulting from it if not for reaping its promised benefits. The papers in this volume, written by economists and sociologists, provide perspectives on, and analyse the process of globalisation by addressing the following questions: (a) In what ways can the process of ... View more info

Image for The Geographical Dictionary: Ancient and Early Medieval India

The Geographical Dictionary: Ancient and Early Medieval India

By: N.N. Bhattacharyya

Price: $15.50

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.: 1999

Edition: Second Edition

Seller ID: 016049

ISBN: 8121500788

Condition: New

Due to the expansion of Indological researches in various directions in recent years the earlier works on historical geography ceases to serve the desired purpose adequately. Hence the need for a more comprehensive and up to date work was there. The present volume with a vast mass of materials, alphabetically arranged, is apt to meet the requirements of the students and researches of the present generation. A detailed introduction in the present volume will make the readers acquainted with the source materials. Special emphasis is laid upon the epigraphical and textual references. The geograph... View more info

Managing Geographic Information Systems

By: Nancy J. Obermeyer and Jeffrey K. Pinto

Price: $21.25

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Rawat Publications: 2008

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 032083

ISBN: 813160229X

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 368. View more info

Geography of Transportation: Commodity Flows and Human Interactions in Meerut City

By: Naresh Kumar

Price: $12.50

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 1991

Seller ID: 701367

ISBN: 8170223326

Condition: New

There have been limited studies dealing with the space relations of a city in terms of feedback to rural areas and flow of regional and local surplus to inter-regional and international centres. Similarly, there has been no systematic study that deals with the intra-regional as well as inter-regional human movements with reference to a nodal centre. Studies no rural-urban relationships have not adequately explained the integral functional link of surplus and deficit commodities. This book deals with almost all dimensions of transport geography and profile of development in an advanced region o... View more info

Cultural Geography: Form and Process (Essays in Honour of Prof. A.B. Mukerji)

By: Neelam Grover & Kashi Nath Singh (Eds)

Price: $18.60

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd.: 2004

Seller ID: 112227

ISBN: 8180690741

Condition: New

This festschrift, in honour of Prof.A.B.Mukerji, one of India's poineer cultural geographers, addresses various issues concerning Cultural Geaography. Containing 29 papers contributed by eminent geographers form India and abroad, it covers a wide array of cultural concerns such as the methodological statements, impressions of culture on the landscape, cultural processes and change, cultural traits and distribution, and cultural ecology. The book will be of great interest to the researchers in the field of Cultural Geography, Anthropology, Sociology and History and shall provide inspiration to ... View more info

Spatial Information Technology for Natural Resources Management

By: Noor Mohammad & R.B. Singh and Anindita Dutta (Eds.)

Price: $31.99

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2007

Seller ID: 701442

ISBN: 8180693589

Condition: New

This book critically analyses the use of Spatial Information Technology (SIT) for conservation and management of natural resources. Covers the conceptual aspect of SIT, it focuses on its application in geomorphology, climatology and water resources. It also deals with land use land cover, the agriculture related fields, and forests and their management. This book will be of immense value not only to the academicians and researchers but also to policy makers and administrators. Printed Pages: 180. View more info

An Historical Geography of Europe 1800-1914

By: Norman J.G. Pounds

Price: $20.00

Publisher: Cambridge, UK, Cambridge University Press: 1988

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 003338

ISBN: 0521358914

Condition: Very Good

Printed Pages: 615. View more info

Studies in the Historical Geography of Ancient India

By: O.P. Bharadwaj; Foreword By Prof. B. Ch. Chhabra

Price: $16.95

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Sundeep Prakashan: 1986

Seller ID: 032969

ISBN: 8185055890

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 312 with 1 map and 5 plates. View more info

Human Geography of Bastar District: A Thesis Approved for the Ph.D. Degree of the University of Saugar

By: P.C. Agarwal

Price: $30.00

Publisher: Allahabad, India, Garga Brothers: 1979

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 020655

Condition: Very Good

Printed Pages: 466. Bumped boards. View more info

Water Management In India

By: P.C. Bansil

Price: $31.99

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2004

Seller ID: 701446

ISBN: 8180690970

Condition: New

Water, the elixir of life, has taken today the centre stage all over the world. Since the 1992 International Conference on Water and the Environment in Dublin, there has been a great deal of intensive and serious thought at different levels about the limited availability of the earths fresh water resources. As populations grow and water use per person rises, demand for fresh water is soaring. Yet the supply of freshwater is finite and threatened by pollution. It is no longer possible to keep wasting and fouling our precious resource of fresh water. The apprehension of serious global scarcity o... View more info

The Monsoons

By: P.K. Das

Price: $8.42

Publisher: New Delhi, India, National Book Trust/Sangam Book Depot:

Seller ID: 108382

ISBN: 8123711239

Condition: New

The reader will find here an account of how the genesis of the monsoon was traced with constant level balloons during the Monsoon Experiment of 1979: how weather satellites are used to locate cyclonic storms over the Indian ocean, and, finally, how the climate of the Rajasthan desert may be made more friendly. This book, which has now been updated for the fourth time, raises quite a few topical concerns related to atmosphere too and should be of interest to all who would like to know more about the monsoon, which is so much a part of our national life and heritage. Printed Pages: 254. View more info

Geography of Jammu and Kashmir

By: Pandit Anand Koul; Updated and Introduced By P.N.K. Bamzai

Price: $19.95

Publisher: Srinagar, India, Gulshan Books: 2008

Edition: Third Reprint

Seller ID: 025723

ISBN: 8183390552

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 249 with numerous b/w illustrations. View more info

Geography of India

By: Poonam Singh

Price: $7.37

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Raj Publications: 2014

Seller ID: 110899

ISBN: 9789380633206

Condition: New

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Human Development Well Being and Globalisation : Alternative Perspectives

By: Prahlad Singh Shekhawat

Price: $32.15

Publisher: New Delhi, Rawat Publications: 2010

Seller ID: 701772

ISBN: 8131603210

Condition: New

The thematic articles over a period of time on different aspects of human development, well-being and globalization are infused with an alternative, multidisciplinary and cross-cultural perspective. An attempt has been made in this book to rethink concepts, ideas and issues and suggest the need for consideration of broader and multidimensional meanings of development. There is a profound dissatisfaction and confusion about narrow economic and social concepts and indicators of development and social progress. The human development approach associated with Amartya Sen has offered a remarkable co... View more info

Digital Remote Sensing

By: Prithvish Nag & M. Kudrat (Authors)

Price: $30.00

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 1998

Seller ID: 701265

ISBN: 8170227240

Condition: New

Remote sensing has provided a new impetus for the earth, resource and environmental scientists. This gift from the space technology has to be fully harnessed for tackling the problems of the country. Increasing population and diminishing resources have compelled our planners, leaders and scientists to consider better ways for the management of natural resources. Plea for sustainable development has added new dimensions to resource and environmental management. Synoptic view and quick decision making process have become essential to meet the challenges appearing over the national scene. At this... View more info

Geographical Information System: Concepts and Business Opportunities

By: Prithvish Nag & Smita Sengupta (Authors)

Price: $55.55

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2007

Seller ID: 701351

ISBN: 8180694356

Condition: New

This book, enriched with maps and figures, deals with the concepts and business opportunities of geographical information system (GIS). Explaining the basic concepts of GIS, it discusses at length the data structure and software as well as hardware options. Also, it explores the role and application of GIS technology in state and local governments, water and wastewater utilities, health and human services, retail and commercial business, transportation, tele-communication, mobile location services, electricity and gas utilities, public safety, law enforcement and criminal justice, defence, and... View more info

Geography of India

By: Prithvish Nag & Smita Sengupta (Authors)

Price: $15.00

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 1992

Seller ID: 701362

ISBN: 8170223849

Condition: New

India is a concept. India is an experiment through ages. India is an exception. India is India no parallel example exists. India has a wider meaning than a territorial unit which we know today. The aim of this book is to provide a means to know more about the Geography of India. The work on this book was initially started with Professor S.P. Chatterjee. The Present book is based on a modified version of the earlier scheme. Obviously, there is a reflection of Prof. Chatterjee ideas in this book. The chapters have been divided according to the themes. Some of the themes are conventional but esse... View more info