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Global Environmental Governance and Desertification

By: A. Kannan

Price: $50.50

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2012

Seller ID: 701371

ISBN: 8180698483

Condition: New

Desertification is a major global threat and over 250 million people are directly affected by it. Due to this, addressing desertification remains a top most priority of the global community. The number of actors involved in Global Environmental Governance (GEG) has increased significantly in recent years. However, the national governments continue to be the nodal points in protecting environment. This book systematically explores on how the UN Convention on Combating Desertification (UNCCD) became the newest link in the loosely connected and an evolving international system for environmental g... View more info

Earth System Sciences Felicitation Volume in Honour of Prof. V.K. Verma

By: A. Kumar & R.S. Kushwaha and Baleshwar Thakur (Eds.)

Price: $78.50

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2009

Seller ID: 701277

ISBN: 8180696138

Condition: New

This festschrift, running into two volumes, attempts to analyse the various aspects of earth system sciences. It presents analytical discourse and multidisciplinary disposition of research vistas in the growth of inter and intra-sub-disciplines of earth sciences, including earthquakes and tectonics, landslide hazards, water resources, petrology and geochemistry, applied geomorphology and terrain studies, and geo environment and climate change. It is of great use to academicians and researchers in the field of earth system sciences. Printed Pages: 671. View more info

Environmental Geography and Natural Hazards: Exigencies of Appraisal in Highland-Lowland Interactive

By: A.A. Pirazizy

Price: $12.50

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 1992

Seller ID: 701299

ISBN: 8170224241

Condition: New

Environmental geography, though not yet an established discipline in geography, is progressively emerging as an independent discipline. Being an inter-disciplinary subject, it explains the main linkages and intricacies of environmental changes in relation to land degradation, flooding, erosion and natural hazards on a firm scientific ground. The main objective of the present book is to indicate the character and approximate the extent of changes caused in physical conditions of environment. It further intends to depict the damages of imprudence and the necessity of caution in all operation whi... View more info

Ladak: Physical, Statistical and Historical

By: A.Cunningham

Price: $36.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Asian Educational Services: 1998

Edition: Reprint

Seller ID: 034701

ISBN: 8120612965

Condition: New

Printed pages: 485 alongwith illustrations, maps, 17 colour plates, 14 b/w plates and charts. View more info

Notes on the Ancient Geography of Gandhara

By: A.Foucher and H.Hargreaves

Price: $11.50

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Asian Educational Services: 2005

Edition: Reprint

Seller ID: 034732

ISBN: 8120617177

Condition: New

Printed pages:40 alongwith 16 illustrations and 1 map of Peshawar. View more info

General Plant Breeding

By: A.R. Dabholkar

Price: $38.95

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2006

Seller ID: 701347

ISBN: 8180692426

Condition: New

This book deals with the various aspects of plant breeding, covering both the groups of crops agricultural and horticultural. Explaining reproductive systems in crop plants, it discusses in detail self-incompatibility, male-sterility, plant genetic resources, genetic composition of crop plants, and breeding methods for self-pollinated as well as cross-pollinated crops. An elaborate discussion on inbreeding depression, hybrid vigour, hybrid varieties, resistance of plants to fungal diseases and pests, breeding resistant varieties, polyploidy as well as mutation in plant breeding, and distant hy... View more info

Geography of Minerals of the Oceans

By: A.S. Yadav

Price: $5.00

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 1992

Seller ID: 701363

ISBN: 8170223954

Condition: New

The biotic and a biotic resources of land are being exploited at a rate where their reserves will not last very long. The sea, in near future, would become increasingly significant source of minerals and energy. This has been possible due to the technical advancement in the exploration and exploitation of the resources of the seas. The volume describes the geography of oceans, geography of biotic and a biotic resources and minerals of ocean and exploitation of ocean minerals by the developed countries and efforts of India in exploitation of minerals and resources at Antarctica. It also throws ... View more info

Local Narratives, Global Media: Regional Television Stations and the use of New Communications Technologies in Himalayan, India

By: Abdul Nasir Khan

Price: $17.51

Publisher: New Delhi, Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd..: 2018

Seller ID: 700445

ISBN: 812121422X

Condition: New

This book is a study of the role of local television stations in Kargil (India), which investigates whether the success of local media in Kargil is a result of fulfilling the needs and desires of the local community, using the methods of content analysis, interviews, and surveys. Kargili local television stations have adopted global media technologies for disseminating their programs, but at the same time have changed some of the television conventions to meet the needs and expectations of local viewers. The forces of globalization have not only exposed places like Kargil to new technologies, ... View more info

Geography of the South Asian Subcontinent: A Critical Approach

By: Aijazuddin Ahmad

Price: $39.95

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2009

Seller ID: 701365

ISBN: 8180695689

Condition: New

This book attempts to explore the possibility of rediscovering the roots of unity of the South Asian countries. Describing the nations, nationalities and nationalism in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives and India, it makes a comprehensive study of their geographical features, shared history and political evolution. Taking a close look at their shifting identities, it also presents a detailed account of their society and social formations, ethnic antecedents, race and caste, regions and regionalism, culture realms, languages, and economic as well as human dev... View more info

Mapping South Asian Diaspora : Recent Responses and Ruminations

By: Ajay K. Chaubey & Asis De (Eds)

Price: $46.19

Publisher: New Delhi, Rawat Publications: 2018

Seller ID: 701920

ISBN: 8131609014

Condition: New

This book is our academic endeavour in contributing to the ever-growing corpus of diaspora criticism. Scholars from India and abroad have profusely contributed to this academic anthology and their exegeses and explications are worthy to be appreciated for multiple reasons. They have critically evaluated the texts against the backdrop of literary theories as applied to the typology of literary taxonomy of many diasporic authors who overtly and covertly belong to the South Asian nations. This anthology deals with multiple theses on the issues of diasporic overtones, inter-ethnic relations, re/di... View more info

Indian Diaspora and Transnationalism

By: Ajaya Kumar Sahoo & Michiel Baas and Thomas Faist (Eds.)

Price: $45.25

Publisher: New Delhi, Rawat Publications: 2012

Seller ID: 701957

ISBN: 8131605159

Condition: New

The present study of transnationalism was born out of observations that migrants no longer simply cross borders to live elsewhere, but regularly turn this ‘crossing borders’ into a lifestyle of its own. The chapters in this volume present not only an important overview of the state of the study on Indian transnationalism, but also act as an important source of inspiration to think beyond the concept and the way it has been studied so far. The book will be useful to students and researchers working in the areas of Indian diaspora and transnationalism. Contributors Irfan Ahmad Margaret Allen... View more info

Eco-Tourism and Livelihoods: Capacity Building for Local Authorities

By: Ajoy Kumar Bhattacharya

Price: $10.50

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2005

Seller ID: 701278

ISBN: 8180691748

Condition: New

Tourism is the most rapidly growing and biggest civilian industry in the world and ecotourism forms the largest proportion of the present tourism. Since ecotourism involves maximum number of stakeholders, from local communities to the corporate world, proper capacity building of the major stakeholders for effective planning and management of ecotourism has become a prerequisite for the sustainable ecotourism development. This book attempts to fill in this gap. The book addresses the key issues concerning ecotourism management, with special focus on community participation. It deals with a rang... View more info

Geographic Information System: Modeling and Measuring Techniques

By: Akash Deep Sharma

Price: $14.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, MD Publications/Prints Publications: 2008

Seller ID: 117558

ISBN: 8175331151

Condition: New

A GIS is most often associated with maps. A map, however, is only one way you can work with geographic data in a GIS, and only one type of product generated by a GIS. This is important, because it means that a GIS can provide a great deal more problem-solving capabilities than using a simple mapping program or adding data to an online mapping tool. A GIS is a set of intelligent maps and other views that show features and feature relationship on the earth's surface. Maps of the underlying geographic information can be constructed and used as "windows into the database" to support querie... View more info

Kashmir Crisis: Resource Mobilization and Prospects of Peace

By: Ali Mohammad & S.W.A. Ashraf (Authors)

Price: $22.50

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd.: 2014

Seller ID: 112461

ISBN: 9789351250524

Condition: New

The Jammu and Kashmir State is a hottest bed where peace is disturbed largely since 1979 while the same land was considered the most peaceful and heaven on the surface of earth. The reasons for this undesirable situation is caused by the partition of India in 1947 and after that the changing desires and demands at political level of the Kashmiri population and politicians. The present work aims at to find out the causes and consequences for such level of disturbances where decent living has become impossible and all the socio-economic structure is completely disturbed. The presence of chaotic ... View more info

Globalization Key Thinkers

By: Andrew Jones

Price: $46.15

Publisher: New Delhi, Rawat Publications: 2016

Seller ID: 701725

ISBN: 813160795X

Condition: New

Globalization: Key Thinkers offers a critical commentary on the leading thinkers in the contemporary globalization debate, as well as new arguments about the future direction of globalization thinking. The book guides the reader through the key arguments of leading thinkers, explaining their place in the wider globalization debate and evaluating their critical reception. Eleven thematic chapters focus on one or two key thinkers covering every aspect of the globalization debate from the theoretical arguments of Anthony Giddens and Manuel Castells to the positive arguments of Thomas Friedman and... View more info

Water Pollution and Its Control

By: Anil Goel

Price: $60.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, MD Publications/Prints Publications: 2008

Seller ID: 117563

ISBN: 8175331283

Condition: New

"Water Pollution and its Control" contains almost all the technical know-how required to clean up our water supply. It provides a survey of up-to-date technologies for remediation, as well as a step-by-step guide to pollution assessment for both ground water and surface water and discusses the physical properties of soils, liquids, and aquifers. It emphasizes on controlling non-point source pollution, best management practices, and an integrated management approach. In addition to focusing on causes, effects, and remedies, the book discusses waste disposable decision and its benefits a... View more info

Globalising Geographies: Perspectives From Eurasia

By: Anita Sengupta & Suchandana Chatterjee (Eds)

Price: $15.75

Publisher: New Delhi, India, KW Publishers: 2015

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 104251

ISBN: 9789383649297

Condition: New

This volume examines the Eurasian engagement with geographies of globalisation through an understanding of the intersection of space and place in Eurasia, Eurasian encounters with globalisation in terms of shifting spheres in politics, economics and culture, levels of integration and the intricate patterns of roads and routes. It also takes note of challenges encountered by social groups and communities in the face of globalising tendencies. The role of emerging alternatives within the region and community partnerships in Eurasia has also been addressed. Written by Eurasian scholars and others... View more info

The Making of Navi Mumbai

By: Annapurna Shaw

Price: $9.50

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Orient BlackSwan: 2004

Seller ID: 101844

ISBN: 8125026002

Condition: New

This book uses the case of the Navi Mumbai urban project to bring out many of the problems inherent in the urbanisation process and in the nature of urban policy-making in post-colonial India. It illustrates how even a new city, built from scratch, is riddled with social and economic contradictions---well-planned and serviced areas coexisting with slums and shanties. The work questions some of the accepted solutions to urban policy especially with regard to urban land and distribution of civic infrastructure. Navi Mumbai is being used as a model for building new towns outside other cities in I... View more info

Globalization, Consumer Culture And Identity : The Middle Class in a Postmodern Society

By: Antony Palackal

Price: $30.15

Publisher: New Delhi, Rawat Publications: 2011

Seller ID: 701761

ISBN: 8131603962

Condition: New

Globalization, Consumer Culture and Identity is a study of consumer culture touching on questions of globalization, liberalization, social change, and the middle class. Born out of an original empirical study of changing consumer habits of the middle class and their relationship to the new media culture, it seeks to understand the nature of consumer culture and how it shapes identities within the middle class. On the broader canvas, the book engages with the sociological debate on the dialectics between the macro and the micro aspects of globalization, mirrored in the paradoxical relation betw... View more info

On Disasters in India

By: Anu Kapur

Price: $24.95

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Foundation Books: 2008

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 024206

ISBN: 817596622X

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 406. View more info

Environment, Population and Human Settlements of Sundarban Delta

By: Anuradha Banerjee

Price: $15.00

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 1998

Seller ID: 701297

ISBN: 8170227399

Condition: New

As the world community moves into the 21st century and mankind is really concerned about "sustainable human settlements", the Sundarban Delta provides a unique case of fragile balance between man, environment and his habitat. Till recent past Sundarban was thought to be fearful land comprising of innumerable islands, creeks, tidal forests, wild animals and natural calamities, that have played havoc time and again and had wiped off traces of ancient civilizations and famous ports. It is a lesser region of the country, irrespective of its natural resources base, and it's close proximity ... View more info

Kipling's India

By: Arley Munson

Price: $16.20

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Aryan Books International: 1994

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 100287

ISBN: 8173050341

Condition: New

Rudyard Kipling has been one of the most highly acclaimed writer-poets of the world. His works are widely read, not only in India but all cross the globe. India-its people and culture, its geography and landscapes-has been a central aspect of his creative aesthetic. The object of the present volume is to describe those bits of India which have served as a background for Kipling's songs and stories. From Bombay, the birth place of Kipling and the threshold of India from the West, the scribe will attempt to take the reader in imagination first to Simla, far up on the northeastern border among th... View more info

Legends of the Konkan

By: Arthur Crawford

Price: $9.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Asian Educational Services: 1987

Edition: Reprint

Seller ID: 034699

ISBN: 8120600886

Condition: New

Printed pages: 306. View more info

Quantitative Geography: Techniques and Presentations

By: Ashis Sarkar

Price: $12.50

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Orient BlackSwan: 2013

Seller ID: 101840

ISBN: 8125052666

Condition: New

Quantitative geography is the collection of methods that are applied, or could/can be applied, by geographers and others to study spatial phenomena (‘spatial’, in geography, is any space on earth that can be represented on a map), issues and problems. This volume gives a broad summary of this discipline and the methods that geographers use to study spatial phenomena. Beginning with a brief outline, the author has explored in detail the range of methods that are used to study the discipline.Printed Pages: 400. View more info

Practical Geography: A Systematic Approach (Revised Edition)

By: Ashis Sarkar

Price: $10.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Orient BlackSwan: 2008

Edition: Revised Edition

Seller ID: 101843

ISBN: 812503529X

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 276. View more info

Urban Development in India: Since Pre-Historic Time (Second Revised Edition)

By: B. Bhattacharya

Price: $13.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd.: 2006

Seller ID: 112449

ISBN: 818069240X

Condition: New

This book traces the history of urban development in India from Stone Age to the present. Taking stock of the cultural setting prior to urban development in the country, it discusses at length the beginning of urban phase, the progress of the Harappan culture and the origin of the city builders. Further analysing the factors contributing to urbanisation since the early historical period, it makes an appraisal of urban set-up from medieval period to the end of the Muslim rule. It also examines the role of European settlements in Indian urban development. The state of urbanisataion in the twenti... View more info

Population Poverty and Environment in North East India

By: B. Datta Ray, H.K. Mazhari, P.M. Passah and M.C. Pandey (Eds.)

Price: $15.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd.: 2000

Seller ID: 112404

ISBN: 8170227704

Condition: New

The papers in this volume deal with the population dynamics, poverty and environment in North East India which are inter-linked. All processes of social and economical development planning must take into account, the demographic dimension, levels of poverty and the physical and social environment in which the people live. The right size of population and the human quality are important factors for social and economic development. The quality of life in terms of infrastructure like road, potable water, health services, education etc. is determined by the assured and required income level. Even ... View more info

Geography of Transport Development in India

By: B.C. Vaidya

Price: $20.00

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2003

Seller ID: 701366

ISBN: 817022957X

Condition: New

The means of transport demand is constantly increasing in human life as it facilitates the movement of people and commodity from one place to other on earth surface. The progress in industrial and other productive sector is entirely related with readily available transport means at local level. And, therefore, it is necessary to have better linkages between nodes, junctions, model points, industrial sites, ports and airports by means and modes in reality helps to exploit available local and regional resources speedily for human welfare. Dr. B.C. Vaidya has rightly considered this transport asp... View more info

The Geochemistry of the Volcanic Rocks of Pavagarh, Gujarat, India

By: B.D. Tiwari

Price: $25.00

Publisher: Varanasi, India, Banaras Hindu University:

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 020977

Condition: Good

Printed pages: 169 with numerous b/w illustrations. Chipped dust jacket. View more info

Problems and Perspectives of Watering the Crops: A Geographical Analysis of Rajasthan

By: B.L. Sharma

Price: $20.00

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 1987

Seller ID: 701438

ISBN: 8170221919

Condition: New

Water is a vital element for the growth of agriculture and plant life. Its proper management is essential for a bumper crop. Drought and floods are the ugly result of the mismanagement of water resources. The traditional methods of watering the crops in our country are wasteful and outdated. There is ample loss of water by evaporation and percolation. Both excessive or inadequate watering hampers the growth of plants and, therefore, the harvest. The present study focuses the attention on the problems of irrigation technology and mechanism. It examines both the age old, traditional and the mode... View more info

Geography of Orissa

By: B.N. Sinha

Price: $4.65

Publisher: New Delhi, India, National Book Trust/Sangam Book Depot: 2008

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 108347

ISBN: 8123726732

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 351. View more info

Economic Geography

By: B.W. Hodder and Roger Lee

Price: $14.25

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Rawat Publications: 2008

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 032080

ISBN: 8131602354

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 224. View more info

Development of A Primitive Tribe: A Study of Didais

By: Bhagyalaxmi Mahapatra

Price: $34.95

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2011

Seller ID: 700781

ISBN: 8180697827

Condition: New

This book elaborates the pioneer work on Didayis, a primitive Tribal Group of Orissa leading a semi-nomadic life within the hill range of Kondakamberu and valley of Machhkund river in an inaccessible Eastern Ghat of Malkangiri District after the construction of the Balimela Hydro Electric Project when the Didayi land was submerged under the water which consequently resulted in the migration of people into so-called as plain, hilltop and cut off sectors. It also describes regarding the establishment of a Micro Project in the name of Didayi Development Agency since 1986 for undertaking various d... View more info

Housing on the Hills in India

By: Bhaskar Majumder

Price: $13.50

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2011

Seller ID: 701390

ISBN: 8180697428

Condition: New

This book basically examines the role of rural housing for decent living of population rooted in rural Uttarakhand with an analytical frame of micro-private benefits like adequacy of living space per person, the quality and durability of houses as well as of macro-public facilities of approach roads, water supply system, electricity, fuel, sanitation and public space. It also establishes a positive impact of housing ensuring utilisation of local natural and human resources besides promoting rural infrastructure, uplifting environmental conditions, providing security to rural masses and discour... View more info

Poverty, Food Security And Sustainability: Public Distribution System In India

By: Bhaskar Majumder

Price: $14.25

Publisher: New Delhi, Rawat Publications: 2004

Seller ID: 701793

ISBN: 8170338700

Condition: New

This book is aimed at covering food security of those people who have less access to food for survival. It considers food-poverty as a basis for searching whether public distribution system works to ensure food security of people targeted. The book accepts in principle the idea that social security has to aim at abolishing want by guaranteeing every citizen an adequate income at all times to meet his basic needs. While dealing with the operational part of social security of individuals, the book takes a narrow frame of food security for people targeted. Thus, it essentially aims to examine whe... View more info

Political Ecology of Deforestation and Tribal Life: A Study of Assam and Nagaland Border Areas

By: Bhupendra Nath Goswami

Price: $60.34

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2017

Seller ID: 700537

ISBN: 9789351251903

Condition: New

Political ecology of deforestation and the changing mode of tribal societies along with the rising conflicts to approve suzerainty over the deforested land is the prime focus of this book. Assam-Nagaland border areas, characteristically once a sylvan belt with amplitude of forest resources has today been facing crisis for non-availability of livelihood of the forest dwelling tribes in consequence of planned removal of forest cover under the political hegemony of the British colonialist during the pre-Independence period and the policies of the Government of post-Independence period. This aspec... View more info

Image for Geography of Early Buddhism

Geography of Early Buddhism

By: Bimala Churn Law

Price: $8.25

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.: 2008

Edition: Reprint

Seller ID: 026245

ISBN: 812151200X

Condition: New

Bimala Churn Law's Geography of Early Buddhism fulfils the long and acutely felt need for such a work; for many of the topographical features, both real and imaginary described in ancient literature, exist no longer. Early Pali literature, Jataka tales, Asokan inscriptions and the account of Chinese pilgrims contain much geographical information along with a mass of other details. All these scattered facts are collected and arranged here in a systematic manner so as to bring out a coherent geographical picture of ancient India. The chapters are so planned as to bring out clearly the various ph... View more info

Image for Historical Geography of Ancient India

Historical Geography of Ancient India

By: Bimala Churn Law

Price: $27.38

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.: 2016

Edition: Reprint

Seller ID: 039768

ISBN: 8121512972

Condition: New

Historical Geography of Ancient India is an authoritative book on the subject. The author has gone deep into original Sanskrit (Vedic and Classical), Pali, Prakrit, Sinhalese, Burmese, Tibetan and Chinese works to trace out ancient names of geographical features of India. In addition, he was availed of the archaeological, numismatical and epigraphical material brought to light in the recent past. Modern scholar by publications have also been consulted. For the convenience of users, the subject is treated in five chapters, each dealing exhaustively with a specific geographic zone. An erudite in... View more info

Global Urban Process: Growth of Towns and Cities

By: Bimalendu Bhattacharya

Price: $65.77

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2017

Seller ID: 700518

ISBN: 9789386682055

Condition: New

Urbanization, man's best achievement, forming a very small fraction of human history/existence on this earth, has gone through a series of transformations affected by various forces which are assessed in this book. As the time-gap in the succession of different phases of transformation has lessened, the mid-twentieth century marks a watershed in the course of urbanization both in its regional spread as well as in sharpening the 'urban divide', propelled by changes on the political map of the world resulting from decolonization. All these politico-economic changes along with fast changing life-... View more info

Geography of Deprivation: An Unfair World

By: Bimalendu Bhattacharya

Price: $50.00

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2014

Seller ID: 701361

ISBN: 8180699935

Condition: New

Poverty, Hunger and Malnutrition worldwide are the major focus of this book, taken up as the principal areas of human deprivation with wide geographical variations as determined by different factors. Gender discrimination in its various manifestations and child abuse also feature very prominently as other forms of deprivation corroding life and attitudes of people requiring very serious concern to deal with the prevailing humiliating situation along with an assessment of the earth’s capability of redressing human sufferance through poverty and hunger. Printed Pages: 470. View more info

Remote Sensing Applications in Brakish Water Fishries: A Socio-Economic Study

By: Binod C. Agrawal and Arbind Sinha & Sham Behari Sharma(Eds.)

Price: $17.50

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2002

Seller ID: 701439

ISBN: 8170229340

Condition: New

The book Remote Sensing Applications in Brackish Water Fisheries: A Socio Economic Study, accounts for an unique case where socio economic inputs, integrated with remote sensing data, were attempted or development for the marginalized groups in country side. The book also presents the team spirit among the remote sensing scientists and social scientist Working together for the same mission, first ever attempt in India. It has presented a new dimension of social research methodology, and QUERI method as a new approach to understand the target group for development planning. Printed Pages: 216. View more info

Globalisation Development and Culture : Essays in Honour of Professor S.P. Nagendra

By: C. Lakshmanna & Jugendra Sahai (Eds.)

Price: $39.50

Publisher: New Delhi, Rawat Publications: 2012

Seller ID: 701756

ISBN: 8131605329

Condition: New

The book presents a panoramic view of current sociological understanding of the emergent social reality. It is a collection of eighteen essays, and can be put into four major streams of thought. In fact, such kind of a discourse cannot have a common theme leading to logical conclusions. Though most of the contributors have concentrated their attention on social development and change, a few of them have also expressed their concerns for sociological theory. Rest of the essays are of different nature questioning the existential basis of human action, examining Nasr’s philosophy on religion an... View more info

Geography of Indian Empire and Ceylon

By: Cameron Morrison

Price: $15.95

Publisher: Delhi, India, Sharada Publishing House: 1999

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 032233

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 275 with 57 maps. View more info

Ecofeminism Revisited : Introduction to the Discourse

By: Chhaya Datar

Price: $37.95

Publisher: New Delhi, Rawat Publications: 2011

Seller ID: 701759

ISBN: 8131603997

Condition: New

Most strands of feminism uphold, in varying degrees, the modernist dichotomy between nature and culture. Simone de Beauvoir, in her book Second Sex, points out that this distinction equates women with nature (characterized by their biological composition) and men with culture (characterized by their ‘risk-taking’ behaviour). Liberal and Marxist feminists argue that the traditional notion of a connection between women and nature is a relic of patriarchy—an instrument of oppression—which should be allowed to wither away. For them, ecofeminism smacks of essentialism (biological determinis... View more info

Social Ecology and Demographic Structure of Bhotias: Discources and Narratives

By: Chittaranjan Dash

Price: $7.50

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd.: 2005

Seller ID: 112429

ISBN: 8180692272

Condition: New

Generally it is considered that tribal communities inhabit the inhospitable, difficult and isolated areas. Unlike non-tribal communities, they have a direct and perfect symbiotic relationship with their environment. The overwhelming concentration of tribes in the hilly, rugged and peripheral areas of a country like India also proves that tribal way of life in difficult terrain and the inhospitable environment conditions have become synonymous. Their life is a saga of constant adjustment to such environment. The harsh and unpredictable environment throws ever-increasing challenges before the tr... View more info

Forest Government and Tribe

By: Chittaranjan Kumar Paty

Price: $10.00

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 2007

Seller ID: 701331

ISBN: 8180694062

Condition: New

The compendium of 15 papers, presented at a National Conference, organized by the Department of History, Tata College, Chaibasa, examines the symbiotic link between the forests and the tribal life in India. Arguing that the government should not ignore this close link while framing forest rules and initiating development programmes, it addresses issues pertaining to forest laws, ecological ideologies, social protest, forest protection and development. The book is useful for researchers, policy-makers and development workers. Printed Pages: 152. View more info

Narrative of the Mission of George Bogle to Tibet (A.D.1774) and the Journey of Thomas Manning to Lhasa (A.D.1811)

By: Clements R.Markham

Price: $22.25

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Asian Educational Services: 1999

Edition: Reprint

Seller ID: 035009

ISBN: 812061366X

Condition: New

Printed pages: 350 alongwith 9 plates and 4 maps. View more info

Village Names of Mysore District

By: D.J.Gowda

Price: $9.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Asian Educational Services: 1999

Edition: Reprint

Seller ID: 034740

ISBN: 8120613902

Condition: New

Printed pages: 160. View more info

Agro-Climatic Regional Planning in India (In Two Volumes)

By: D.N. Basu & S.P. Kashyap and G.S. Guha (Authors)

Price: $65.00

Publisher: New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company: 1996

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The genesis of Agro-Climatic Regional Planning (ACRP) in India in its present form can be attributed to late Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi. The late Prime Minister, while reviewing the work of the Ministry of Agriculture suggested, in May 1987 that the programmes of Agriculture and Rural Development needed to be reoriented along area specific lines. This idea was operationalised by the Planning Commission with the launch of the ACRP project in mid 1988. The ACRP approach differs from traditional planning in three fundamental ways. One, it begins with area specific resource mapping instead o... View more info

Shelter Security in Urban India: Pathways, Barriers and Outcomes

By: Darshini Mahadevia

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There is either glamourizing of informal sector or a desire to rapidly formalize it, the latter leading to exclusions and disruptions in people’s life. But, the residents of these informal settlements desire change, but at a pace and way suitable to them. This book is a collection of articles on shelter security in urban India based on the research work undertaken at the Centre for Urban Equity (CUE), CEPT University over the last few years. The articles are on formation of informal settlements and living conditions in them, rental housing in the informal sector, learning from interventions ... View more info