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Gene Machine: The Race to Decipher the Secrets of the Ribosome

By: Venki Ramakrishnan

Price: $38.64

Publisher: Noida, HarperCollins/ Harper Collins Publishers India: 2018

Seller ID: 1201593

ISBN: 9789353023232

Condition: New

Everyone knows the term DNA: it is the essence of our being - it determines who we are and what we pass on to our progeny. Mention the ribosome, on the other hand, and you will usually be met with blank faces, even from scientists. And yet without the ribosome, nothing lives. For if DNA is data then the ribosome is the machine that processes that data. Unlocking the secrets of this gene-reading molecule was once among the most fundamental problems in molecular biology. Printed Pages: 288 View more info

Data Science with Machine Learning- Python Interview Questions

By: Vishwanathan Narayanan

Price: $24.90

Publisher: New Delhi, BPB Publications: 2019

Seller ID: 1203353

ISBN: 9789388176637

Condition: New

Table of Contents Data Science Basic Questions and Terms Python Programming Questions Numpy Interview Questions Pandas Interview Questions Scipy and its Applications Matplotlib Samples to Remember Statistics with Excel Sheet. Printed Pages: 144 View more info

Road Infrastructure: Issues and Implications

By: Vivek Date & Bhuma Sundaraman

Price: $20.10

Publisher: New Delhi, SBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd.: 2012

Seller ID: 900353

ISBN: 813142734X

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Applied Macroeconomics: Employment, Growth and Inflation

By: Vivek Moorthy

Price: $12.15

Publisher: New Delhi, I. K. International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.: 2017

Seller ID: 1203735

ISBN: 9789385909047

Condition: New

Unlike traditional textbooks, this book develops a conceptual framework, historically and theoretically, for a growing economy. Based on simple models with numerical examples, it applies concepts from classical macroeconomics to interpret economic events and data in USA and India over several decades, and some other Asian economies also. Chapter 1: Building the Framework for a Growing Economy Chapter 2: From Short-Run to Long-Run Phillips Curve Chapter 3: The Costs and Consequences of Inflation Chapter 4: Cost Push versus Demand Pull Inflation Chapter 5: OPEC and the Great Stagflation Chapter... View more info

Electronic Excitations in Liquefied Rare Gases

By: Werner F. Schmidt

Price: $350.00

Publisher: American Scientific Publishers: 2005

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 028206

ISBN: 1588830365

Condition: New

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