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Growth With Equity- the new technology and agrarian change in Bengal

By: Abhijit Dasgupta

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Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

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ISBN: 8173042454

Condition: Mew

Contents: I. Introduction: 1. The problem of growth and equity. 2. An alternative development paradigm. 3. A comparative study. II. Agrarian change in Bengal: the late colonial phase: 1. Structural constraints. 2. The case of Nadia. 3. Two villages. III. West Bengal: the new technology: and agrarian change: 1. Land reforms and land relations. 2. The new technology in agriculture. 3. Agrarian change in Nadia. 4. A case study. 4.Bangladesh: the new technology and agrarian change. 1. The land problem. 2 . The new technology in agriculture. 3. Agrarian change in Kushtia. 4. A case study. V. Conclu... View more info

Insect Pests of Temperate Fruits Crops and their Management

By: Asma Sherwani & Malik Mukhtar Ahmad (Authors)

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Publisher: New Delhi, Daya Publishing House: 2018

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ISBN: 9789351248903

Condition: New

Insect pests pose a challenge to the efficient horticultural fruit production especially in Kashmir valley, as horticulture sector constitutes 60 per cent of the state’s economy. Fruit industry of Kashmir valley is prone to insect attack and can flourish if the losses due to insect pests are kept under check. In order to obtain optimal production of horticulture fruits crops and compete at global level in terms of productivity, knowledge about insect pests, their biology, bionomics and management is of paramount importance. This information could be best used to devise suitable management pr... View more info

Instant Agriculture Success

By: Atul Kumar Singh

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Publisher: New Delhi, Daya Publishing House: 2018

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ISBN: 9789351248767

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Agriculture created enormous job opportunities in various fields, which are based on all those examinations conducted by ICAR, SAUs, state board and banking institutions. All these examination are mostly objective based and students always look for study material that is ready to use and easy to grasp. There are only few books available in market on agriculture which completely fulfil the requirement of the students particularly for those who are preparing for competitive examinations. Keeping in view, it was felt to bring out a book which could serve the basic and innovative knowledge of vari... View more info

The Plough and the Pen: Peasantry Agriculture and the Literati in Colonial Bengal

By: Bipasha Raha

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Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

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ISBN: 8173049416

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Since the 1830s Bengal witnessed a vast outpouring of creative writing. Their authors came from diverse social background. In some cases their portrayal of the peasantry was a manifestation of their coherent agrarian thinking. The interest centred on the legal and social status of peasants; types of tenures and their obligations; organization of agrarian production; impact of world economic forces on agrarian economy and; existing land legislations. This book brings forward hitherto unexplored aspects of literati perception of peasants and agriculture in colonial Bengal. It focuses on represen... View more info

Punjab Peasantry in Turmoil

By: Birinder Pal Singh

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Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

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ISBN: 8173048665

Condition: New

Contents Introduction 1 Class Conflict and Change Profile of a Village in West Punjab Ahmad Salim 2 Impact of Colonial Capitalism on the Peasantry in West Punjab Lubna Saif 3 Globalization and Agriculture Some Propositions Aijaz Ahmad 4 Indias Granary Devastated Punjab under Neo Liberal Economic Reforms Utsa Patnaik 5 Whom and What to Fight Indian Farmers Collective Action under Liberalization and Globalization Staffan Lindberg 6 Farming Crisis and Farmers Suicide in Punjab An Examination of Institutional Dimensions Sukhpal Singh 7 Corporate Agriculture Farming in West Punjab A Serious Threat ... View more info

Handbook of Forest Botany

By: Duvenage Sandra

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Publisher: New Delhi, Agri Horti Press: 2018

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ISBN: 9789387642836

Condition: New

The present book entitled “Handbook of Forest Botany” includes chapters on forest plantation, forest an area of density of trees, forest : botanical forestry, food and plant products in forestry, forest structure and patterns, land and farm resources in forestry. This book is useful resource for students of forest botany, Officers, trainees of the Indian Forest Service and State Forest Service officers, scientists and the layman. Printed Pages: 296 View more info

Plant Biotechnology

By: Hiru Ranabhatt & Renu Kapor (Authors)

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Publisher: New Delhi, Woodhead Publishing India:

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ISBN: 9789385059339

Condition: New

This book summarises various aspects of plant biotechnology and is divided into 27 chapters. This edition discusses: plant cell culture and development, plant tissue culture, micropropagation, germplasm storage, haploid plants, triploid plants, in vitro pollination and fertilisation, protoplast isolation and culture, somatic cell hybridisation, synthetic seeds, plant breeding, plant derived vaccines, genetically modified foods, improving photosynthesis and crop yield, insect resistant plants, fungus resistant plants, virus resistant plants, ornamental plants, medicinal plants, recombinant DNA,... View more info

Textbook of Gymnosperms: Based on CBCS Syllabus of University of Delhi

By: Inderdeep Kaur & Prem Lal Uniyal (Authors)

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Publisher: New Delhi, Daya Publishing House: 2019

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ISBN: 9789351249832

Condition: New

CONTENTS The book "Textbook of Gymnosperms" is not only based on the syllabus prescribed for CBCS course for Honours in Botany (core course - ARCHEGONIATES) but it will also cater to students studying Life Siences-Core Course in Botany and GE in Plant biodiversity. The book follows the new system of classification and has recent information about phylogeny of gymnosperms. The illustrations in the text are of high quality and the authors have tried to bring accuracy to the depiction. The colour plates towards the end of the book are provided focusing on the need of teachers and students... View more info

Globalisation, Development and Plantation Labour On India

By: K. J. Joseph & P. K. Viswanathan (Eds)

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Publisher: New Delhi, Routledge/ Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

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ISBN: 113821955X

Condition: New

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Agrarian Distress and Farmer Suicides in North India

By: Lakhwinder Singh, Kesar Singh Bhangoo & Rakesh Sharma (Authors)

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Publisher: New Delhi, Routledge/ Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

Seller ID: 1201916

ISBN: 1138668621

Condition: New

Table of Contents List of Abbreviations List of tables List of figures Foreword Preface List of Contributors 1. Introduction 2. Perspectives on Agrarian Distress and Rural Suicide 3. Economic Development and Rural Distress in Punjab 4. Rural Households: Socio-Economic Characteristics 5. Determinants of Agrarian Distress in Punjab: Magnitude and Manifestation 6. A Village on Sale: Microscopic analysis of Rural Distress 7. Summary, Conclusions and Policy Suggestions References Appendices. Printed Pages: 230 View more info

rigation, Agriculture and the Raj: Punjab, 1887-1947

By: M. Mufakharul Islam

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Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

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ISBN: 8173041679

Condition: New

The dynamics of Punjab agriculture during the foreign rule was mainly due to the development of one of the largest irrigation systems in the world. This study provides an account of the salient features of this irrigation system and analyses its impact on the agrarian economy and society of the province. An attempt is also made to indicate what the investment in the canal construction programme meant for the colonial state in political, military, economic and financial terms. Printed Pages: 180 View more info

Guide for Agricultural Competitive Examinations

By: Maitry R. S., N. Pandey, A.P. Singh & R.K. Sharma (Authors)

Price: $19.00

Publisher: New Delhi, Daya Publishing House: 2018

Edition: Third Revised Edition

Seller ID: 1202280

ISBN: 9789351248200

Condition: New

Agriculture created enormous job opportunities in teaching, research, extension, industries and various financial institutions, which are based on competitive examinations. This book covers all the agriculture related discipline. Large number of objective type questions appear in these examination. These questions call for quick answering for success within a specified short period of time. In the present book, a sincere effort has been made by authors to present the overview of concise and point wise information in most easy and understandable language. This book serves as a guide to the stu... View more info

The Great Agrarian Conquest: the Colonial Reshaping of a Rural World

By: Neeladri Bhattacharya

Price: $33.50

Publisher: New Delhi, Permanent Black/Orient BlackSwan Pvt. Ltd: 2018

Seller ID: 1202337

ISBN: 8178245248

Condition: New

This book examines how, over colonial times, the diverse practices and customs of an existing rural universe – with its many forms of lifelihood – were reshaped to create a new agrarian world of settled farming. While focusing on Punjab, this pathbreaking analysis offers a broad argument about the workings of colonial power: the fantasy of imperialism, it says, is to make the universe afresh. Such radical change, Bhattacharya shows, is as much conceptual as material. Agrarian colonisation was a process of creating spaces that conformed to the demands of colonial rule. It entailed establis... View more info

History and Development of Indian Agriculture

By: P.C. Bansil

Price: $157.10

Publisher: New Delhi, Daya Publishing House: 2018

Seller ID: 1202354

ISBN: 9789351248750

Condition: New

The book “History and Development of Indian Agriculture“ is one of the Series - Economics of Agriculture and Allied Aspects. It consists of 12 Chapters which include History of Agriculture in India, History of Irrigation, Hundred Years of Co-operatives, Agriculture during British Period, Agribusiness and its SWOT Analysis, Grow More Food Campaign, Green Revolution in Mexico, 1943–1965, Green Revolution in India, Food Situation Immediately after Independence, Agricultural Development in India Since Independence, Indian Seed System Development: Policy and Institutional Options and Land Acq... View more info

Indian Agriculture: Performance, Growth and Challenges

By: Parmod Kumar & S. Mohanakumar (Eds)

Price: $29.00

Publisher: New Delhi, Routledge/ Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

Seller ID: 1201903

ISBN: 1138668176

Condition: New

Table of Contents Foreword. Acknowledgements. 1. Introduction Part 1: Farm Production, Subsidy and Investment 2. Global Food Security: Issues and Challenges 3. Public and Private Investment in Indian Agriculture: A Study of Inducement Impact and Some Policy Explorations 4. Growth in Fruits and Vegetable Crops: Emerging Trends and Patterns 5. Total Factor Producitivity Growth and its Determinanats in Agriculture: A Case of Karnataka 6. Agricultural Input Subsidy in Haryana: Some Critical Aspects Part 2: Farm Labour, Livelihood Diversification and Non-Farm Employment 7. Determinants of Agricult... View more info

Intellectual Property Rights At A Glance

By: Phundan Singh & Rajeev Singh (Authors)

Price: $27.00

Publisher: New Delhi, Daya Publishing House: 2018

Seller ID: 1202361

ISBN: 9789351248873

Condition: New

This book provides comprehensive information on the Intellectual Property Rights [IPR] in one compact volume in question answer form. Hope this volume would be useful to the students, researchers, plant breeders, design developers, artists, musicians, private seed companies, etc. This will also be useful to those appearing in various competitive examinations such as JRF, SRF, NET, SET, bank officers, agriculture officers, etc. Printed Pages: 166 View more info

Science, Technology and Development in India: Encountering Values

By: Rajeswari S. Raina (Ed.)

Price: $25.80

Publisher: New Delhi, Orient BlackSwan Pvt. Ltd:

Seller ID: 1202338

ISBN: 8125058559

Condition: New

Contents: Introduction: values matter/Rajeswari S. Raina. Section I: 1. From retrogression to rescue: policy gaps in rural and agricultural development/A. R. Vasavi. 2. Academic ethics, Indian scientific academic and the Bt-Brinjal controversy/Gautam I. Menon and Rahul Siddharthan. 3. Regulation, legislation and moral contestations: case of Indian microfinance/Tara S. Nair. Section II: 4. Water policy and science: disciplines, perspectives, values/Ramaswamy R. Iyer. 5. Transformations in the world of higher learning: changing norms and values of universities and research institutes in India/Dh... View more info

History of Plant Pathology

By: S. G. Borkar

Price: $69.87

Publisher: New Delhi, Woodhead Publishing India:

Seller ID: 1202238

ISBN: 9789385059179

Condition: New

The book History of plant pathology depicts the historical events, discoveries and advancement made in the subject of plant pathology from the ancient era to till date and these are arranged into different eras viz. ancient era, medieval era, pre-modern era, modern era and present era which are useful to understand the development made on the subject of plant pathology and further scope of development and advancement in the subject. The major contributions made by pioneer workers in plant pathology around the world during these eras which had led the foundation for different branches of plant ... View more info

Microbes As Bio-Fertilizers and Their Production Technology

By: S. G. Borkar

Price: $68.95

Publisher: New Delhi, Woodhead Publishing India:

Seller ID: 1202239

ISBN: 9789380308579

Condition: New

Microbes as Bio-Fertilizers and their Production Technology is a step forward in the direction of research, testing, and development of new effective strains of beneficial microbes and their production technologies. This book highlights the methods of isolation of several beneficial microbes of different utility, specialization culture media, distinguishing characteristics of these microbes, testing their efficiencies, and large scale production technologies. It is a unique book in which beneficial microbial bio-fertilizers are included. Printed Pages: 250 View more info

Daughters of the Earth: Women and Land in Uttar Pradesh

By: Samita Tewari Jassal

Price: $50.50

Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

Seller ID: 1200808

ISBN: 8173043752

Condition: New

caste and gender: some hypotheses. 2. Peasant differentiation in Awadh: making women visible. 3. Custom, legislation and landownership: where are the women? 4. Saga of the state, a village and landless women. 5. Women's marginalization: tales from Bundelkhand. 6. Summing up. Appendices. Glossary. Bibliography. Index. " This book problematizes women's relationship to land from historical, anthropological and socio-legal perspectives, the underlying assumption being that legal title to own land as well as exercise control over it as a productive resource, have hitherto been denied to them. H... View more info

Agriculture in the Modernization of Japan, 1850-2000

By: Shuzo Teruoka (Ed.)

Price: $45.90

Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

Seller ID: 1200681

ISBN: 8173047650

Condition: New

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HRM in Agri-Business

By: V.M. Thumar

Price: $41.00

Publisher: New Delhi, Daya Publishing House: 2018

Seller ID: 1202356

ISBN: 9789351249511

Condition: New

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction to Human Resource Management. 2. Introduction to Human Resource Planning. 3. Human Resources and Business Growth. 4. Career Planning, Training and Development. 5. Agri Business Planning. 6. HRM in Agribusiness Expansion. 7. Agribusiness Financial Management. 8. Working Capital Management in Agri-business. 9. Agribusiness Capital Budgeting. 10. Compensation Management. 11. HRM Trainings. References. Human Resource Management is the process of proper and maximise utilisation of available limited skilled workforce. The core purpose of the HRM is to make efficien... View more info