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Modern Frames and Premodern Themes in Indian Philosophy: Border, Self, and the Other

By: A. Raghuramaraju

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Publisher: New Delhi, Routledge/Manohar Publishers &Distributors:

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ISBN: 1138098418

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British Military Policy in India 1900-1945 : Colonial Constraints and Declining Power

By: Anirudh Deshpande

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Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

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ISBN: 8173045836

Condition: New

Contents Preface. Introduction. The contours of British Military Policy in India. 1. Reform and retrenchment following the Great War. 2. Military reform revisited Indianization in colonial India (1900 1939). 3. Modernizing the Indian Armed Forces the inter war period. 4. Recruitment demobilization and disaffection 1939 1946. Conclusion. Decolonization vs. colonial over stretch a resume. Bibliography. Index. The decline of British imperialism had far reaching colonial and post colonial consequences. British Policy and Indian history for obvious reasons unfolded in the foreground of this decline... View more info

Major Operations of Navy

By: Arindham Sahi

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Publisher: New Delh, Lenin Media Pvt. Ltd.: 2018

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ISBN: 9789387226111

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Contents: 1. Indo-Pakistani naval war of 1971. 2. Naval Warfare of world war I. 3. Navy operations in the Second World War. 4. Battle of midway. 5. Battle of Tassafaronga. 6. Battle of Savo Island. 7. Battle of the Atlantic. 8. Battle of Okinawa. 9. Battle of cape Esperance. 10. Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands. 11. Operation Neptune spear for laden. 12. Operation trident. 13. Naval lessons of the gulf war. Some missions require highly specialized talent – along with the training and the nerve to accomplish the most dangerous and daunting of tasks. Eliminating threats, Defusing bombs. Rescui... View more info

Sword of the Khalsa; Sikh Peoples War 1699-1768

By: Arjan Dass Malik

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Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

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ISBN: 8173042942

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Major Operations Of Air Force

By: Arpit Bajpai

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Publisher: New Delh, Lenin Media Pvt. Ltd.: 2018

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ISBN: 9789387226135

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Kargil: Blood on the Snow

By: Ashok Kalyan Verma

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Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

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ISBN: 8173044112

Condition: New

The television coverage and the intensity of the media focus made the Kargil war a completely different event from any previous conflict. The political ramification of every military step and action was scrutinized minutely. This book gives a precise and authoritative account of the military operation and also goes into the background of the problem. Printed Pages: 228 View more info

Kandy At War: Indigenous Military Resistance to European Expansion in Sri Lanka 1594-1818

By: Channa Wickremesekera

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Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

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ISBN: 817304547X

Condition: New

The kingdom of Kandy in the central highlands of Sri lanka presents one of the finest examples of effective military resistance to European expansion by a small, economically backward state in the South Asian region, and perhaps, in the world. Kandy, a landlocked state with a subsistence economy, few material resources and a sparse population by regional standards, has the unique distinction of resisting European expansion for over two centuries. Between 1594 and 1818 Kandy battled against the armies of three European powers established in the coast: the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British a... View more info

Best Black Troops in the World': British Perceptions and the Making of the Sepoy 1746-1805

By: Channa Wickremesekera

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Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

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ISBN: 8173044260

Condition: New

Contents: Introduction. 1. Europe and India: a clash of military cultures. 2. British perceptions and the emergence of the sepoy army, 1746-1800. 3. The sepoy army in the making: recruitment, command and discipline, 1746-1800. 4. The sepoy at war, 1746-1805. 5. The sepoy and British perceptions. Conclusion. Appendix. Glossary. Bibliography. Index. "The eighteenth century was a time when British were just beginning to find their way in the cultural landscape of India. The early orientalists were the pioneers who mapped out this landscape, the knowledge generated by them represented India as... View more info

The Afghanistan-Pakistan Theatre Militant Islam, Security and Stability

By: Dr. S.K. Shah

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Publisher: New Delh, Lenin Media Pvt. Ltd.: 2018

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ISBN: 9789385494337

Condition: New

AfPak (or Af-Pak) was a neologism used within U.S. foreign policy circles to designate Afghanistan and Pakistan as a single theater of operations. Introduced in 2008, the neologism reflected the policy approach introduced by the Obama administration, which regarded the region of Afghanistan and Pakistan as having a single, dominant political and military situation that required a joint policy in the War on Terror. The Afghanistan–Pakistan skirmishes are a series of ongoing armed skirmishes and firing exchange that have occurred since 1949 along the Durand Line between the Afghan National Sec... View more info

Eating Grass: The Making of the Pakistani Bomb

By: Feroz Hassan Khan

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Publisher: New Delh, Dev Publishers & Distributors: 2018

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ISBN: 9789381406816

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The Ashgate Research Companion to Modern Warfare

By: George Kassimeris & John Buckley (Eds)

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Publisher: New Delh, Routledge/Manohar Publishers &Distributors:

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ISBN: 1138476609

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The Ashgate Research Companion to War : Origins and Prevention

By: Hall Gardner & Oleg Kobtzeff (Ed.)

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Publisher: New Delh, Routledge/Manohar Publishers &Distributors:

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ISBN: 1138476633

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Intervention in Sri Lanka: The IPKF Experience Retold

By: Harkirat Singh

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Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

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ISBN: 8173047057

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Handbook of Indian Defence Policy: Themes, Structures and Doctrines

By: Harsh V. Pant (Ed.)

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Publisher: New Delhi, Routledge/Manohar Publishers&Distributors: 2016

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ISBN: 1138639907

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Medals and Decorations of Independent India

By: Haynes S. Edward & Rana T.S. Chhina (Authors)

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Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

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ISBN: 8173047197

Condition: New

This book presents a systematic overview of the official military, police, and civilian awards of the Republic of India from 1947 through to the present day. In addition to presenting a detailed catalogue of official awards, this work also surveys the development of policy on such awards, this work also surveys the development of policyon such awards, considers their changing legal status, and provides a critique of the policies that govern their their creation and bestowel. While focusing on official national awards, the book also provides information on Indian provincial awards, on foreign a... View more info

Men Without Hats : Dialogue, Discipline and Discontent in the Madras Army, 1806-1807

By: James W. Hoover

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Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

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ISBN: 8173047251

Condition: New

Contents: Preface. Glossary. Map A. The Vellore crisis in South India, 1806-7. Map B: Vellore Fort, 9-10 July 1806. Introduction.1. The mutiny at Vellore--memory, ideology and history. 2. 'Our negative friendship'. 3. The Vellore mutiny. 4. Evidence and contested testimony. 5. Mysterious disturbances in Hyderabad. 6. 'The conspiracy has extended beyond all belief'. 7. The Faqir investigations. 8. 'The system of confidence'. 9. 'It was a hat and not a Turband'. Bibliography. Index. "The Sepoy mutiny at Vellore in 1806 was the last major threat to British rule in South India, but it ended sc... View more info

Trumpets and Tumults: The Memoirs of a Peace Keeper

By: Jit Rikhye Indar

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Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

Seller ID: 1200778

ISBN: 8173044090

Condition: New

Contents: Preface. I. Growing up in the Punjab: 1. My parents. 2. My youth.3. On joining the Army. II. Serving with the lancers: 4. War in the middle east. 5. The campaign in Italy. 6. Guarding India's north west frontier. 7. Partition and Independence of India. III. Defending India's new borders: 8. Saving Kashmir valley. 9. With the black elephant. IV. Peacekeeping with the United Nations: 10. Commander, Indian contingent, UNEF. 11. An interlude from peacekeeping: guarding Ladakh. 12. Military adviser to Hammarskjold for the Congo. 13. Military adviser to U Thant: Congo operation concluded, ... View more info

The Routledge Companion to Military Conflict Since 1945

By: John Richard Thackrah

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Publisher: New Delh, Routledge/Manohar Publishers &Distributors:

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ISBN: 1138033448

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The Great Halifax Explosion

By: John U. Bacon

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Publisher: Noida, William Morrow Paperbacks/ HarperCollins:

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ISBN: 0062666541

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The Armed Forces of Independent India 1947-2006

By: Kaushik Roy

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Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

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ISBN: 8173047782

Condition: New

In this monograph, an attempt has been made to analyse the historical evolution of independent India s armed forces. The development of the armed forces as an institution, its nature, purpose and the formulation of the doctrines as regards the functions of the Indian military are the central concerns of this volume. It also opens up the question regarding the nature of the Indian state. The methodology followed is an amalgam of organizational culture analysis and history of idea approach. In order to assess India s success in harnessing military power vis-à-vis other developing countries, a c... View more info

Brown Warriors of the Raj: Recruitment and the Mechanics of Command in the Sepoy Army 1859-1913

By: Kaushik Roy

Price: $32.10

Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors: 2008

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ISBN: 8173047545

Condition: New

The Sepoy Army of the colonial Indian Army was the pillar of Britain`s India Empire. This workhorse of British imperialism was a hybrid organization which integrated some elements of the Indian social structure and cultural ethos with the western military organisation. Nevertheless, it remains marginal in Indian historiography. With the aid of a conceptual framework of Military Synthesis model, this book focuses on the institutional aspects of the Sepoy Army in the second half of the nineteenth century. The study examines the literature on recruitment and evaluates the problematic of the Sepoy... View more info

From Hydaspes to Kargil: A History of Warfare in India from 326 BC to AD 1999

By: Kaushik Roy

Price: $21.10

Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

Seller ID: 1200776

ISBN: 8173045437

Condition: New

Contents Preface. Glossary. Introduction the ride of the fourth horseman of the apocalypse in India. 1. The Chaturanga armies of India 500 BC AD 600. 2. Gavalry and chivalry the men on horseback 700 1520. 3. The Chaghthai compromise armies and warfare in Mughal India 1526 1739. 4. The lion rampant military supremacy of the East India Company c. 1740 1849. 5. The pandies against the company Bahadur the military dimensions of the 1857 Mutiny. 6. Past imperfect future uncertain Kargil the Indian military and the new millennium. 7. Why generals did not rule India warfare the armed forces and polit... View more info

Warfare and Politics in South Asia from Ancient to Modern Times

By: Kaushik Roy (Ed.)

Price: $69.20

Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

Seller ID: 1200761

ISBN: 8173049130

Condition: New

New. This volume presents fifteen original essays on warfare based on primary sources by scholars from different parts of the world. Spatially, the pieces cover the period from the Vedic to the Nuclear Age. And temporally, they not only cover the whole of the subcontinent but also link the historical trajectory of South-East Asia with that of South Asia, Warfare in this volume has been defined broadly, While some essays focus on inter-state war, others turn the focus on intra-state war. Besides war on land, several contributors also look at the naval dimension. Moreover, all the contributors a... View more info

Major Operations Of Army

By: Kuldeep Singh Rathore

Price: $32.37

Publisher: New Delh, Lenin Media Pvt. Ltd.: 2018

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ISBN: 9789387226128

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Surrender at Dacca: Birth of a Nation

By: Lt. Gen. J.F.R. Jacob

Price: $20.50

Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

Seller ID: 1200762

ISBN: 817304189X

Condition: New

The campaign for the liberation of Bangladesh was short and swift, spread over some thirteen campaign days, conducted in riverine terrain highly suitable for defence. The author describes Events leading to the Creation of Bangladesh, Beginning with the Pakistan Army`s crackdown in East Pakistan on 26 March 1971, to the outbreak of full Scale War following the Pakistani bombing of Indian airfields in the West on the evening of 3 December 1971 and the subsequent Military operations leading to the surrender of Pakistan Eastern Command. Outlining the evolution of the strategy for the campaign, he ... View more info

From Fatigues to Civvies: Memoirs of a Paratrooper

By: Lt. Gen. V.K. Nayar

Price: $64.90

Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

Seller ID: 1200758

ISBN: 9789350980071

Condition: New

From Fatigues to Civvies goes beyond a biographical narrative and takes a hard look at events within the army and the country. Right from his early service he had a knack to find trouble or of trouble finding him. He treated these as opportunities of life. As a junior officer he learnt to identify truth and stand upto unjust orders. This early experience conditioned his responses in his later life. In these pages you see the traits of a soldier thinker and a man of conviction at times at odds with authority. In Nagaland and Manipur he redefined and executed a new counter insurgency strategy wi... View more info

Battleground Chhamb: The Indo-Pakistan War of 1971

By: Major General & A.J.S. Sandhu (Authors)

Price: $53.50

Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers&Distributors: 2018

Seller ID: 1201086

ISBN: 9789350981504

Condition: New

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China Military Power: Threat to Peace

By: N.N. Prasad

Price: $57.30

Publisher: New Delh, Lenin Media Pvt. Ltd.: 2018

Seller ID: 1201456

ISBN: 9789385496981

Condition: New

China is one of the world’s oldest civilisations. In a huge, influential country ruled by warlords and threatened by external enemies, the Chinese often pioneered new military technology (inventing gunpowder in the 9th century). As a leading economic power, China is slowly modernising its relatively weak military forces, primarily for prestige reasons. It feels entitled to defend its interests in its own backyard, especially when history is on its side regarding the disputed islands in the East and South China Seas. Its recently established Air Defence Identification Zone was a long-delayed ... View more info

Defence Import and Made In India

By: Nabam Nato (Ed.)

Price: $61.10

Publisher: New Delh, Lenin Media Pvt. Ltd.: 2018

Seller ID: 1201465

ISBN: 9789386720023

Condition: New

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pledged $250 billion to modernize the country’s aging military equipment-from fighter jets to guns and submarines. The government wants to award contracts to companies, such as Lockheed Martin Corp and Saab AB, which have promised to build products in India. But Wezeman said red tape, an historic reliance on state-owned companies and constant delays hinder the country’s ability to supplant imports with domestically-produced weapons. The Modi government has opened up the defence sector to 100 per cent FDI. The goal is to make India a defence manufacturing hu... View more info

The India-Pakistan Air War of 1965

By: P V S Jagan Mohan & Samir Chopra (Authors)

Price: $39.10

Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

Seller ID: 1200768

ISBN: 8173046417

Condition: New

Contents: Preface. 1. Indian Air Force in its preliminary years. 2. The adversaries prior to war. 3. From the Kutch to Chamb: from Skirmishes to War. 4. The challenge: flare up on 6 September. 5. The Sargodha Raids and the Air Battles of 7 September. 6. Missed opportunity: the war in the eastern sector. 7. The second week of the Air War. 8. The end of the war: 15-23 September. 9. Ceasefire and post-mortem. 10. Epilogue. Appendices: 1. PAF Air Combat claims versus actual IAF losses. 2. Official list of Indian Armed Forces Aircraft Losses. 3. IAF claims versus official list of Pakistani losses. ... View more info

Missing Boundaries: Refugees, Migrants, Stateless and Internally Displaced Persons in South Asia

By: P. R. Chari, Mallika Joseph, & Suba Chandran (Eds)

Price: $21.50

Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

Seller ID: 1200780

ISBN: 8173045038

Condition: New

Contents: Introduction. Keynote address/J.S. Verma. 1. Refugees migrants and internally displaced persons in South Asia: an overview/P.R. Chari. 2. Humanitarian concerns and security needs: Sri Lankan refugees in Tamil Nadu/V. Suryanarayanan. 3. Bhutan: creating statelessness a recipe for regional instability/Tapan Kumar Bose. 4. Still waiting for a better morrow: a decade of Burmese refugees in Bangladesh/C.R. Abrar. 5. Towards a national refugee law for India/T. Ananthachari. 6. Resolving the refugee problem: a role for human rights organizations/D.R. Kaarthikeyan. 7. Bangladeshi migrants in... View more info

Kargil: The Tables Turned

By: P.R. Chari & Maj. Gen. Ashok Krishna (Eds)

Price: $25.10

Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

Seller ID: 1200769

ISBN: 817304368X

Condition: New

The Tables Turned provides a comprehensive Review of past motivations and events; it covers the operational aspects of the 1999 War in their entirety and highlights the heroism, and sacrifice of the young officers and Soldiers of the Indian Armed Forces. It brings out useful Military lessons and perspectives. The book analyses India`s Political and diplomatic responses, and the role of the USA, China and G-8 countries, during the crisis. The concluding chapter speculates on the future of Indo-Pak Relations and highlights some unique aspects of this South Asian conflict. Contents: 1. Why Kargil... View more info

Bio-Terrorism and Bio-Defence

By: P.R. Chari & Suba Chandran (Eds)

Price: $30.10

Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

Seller ID: 1200775

ISBN: 8173046077

Condition: New

Condition: New. This volume addresses the issues embedded in the phenomenon of bio-terrorism and the problems of bio-defence to counter this threat. They are grouped under three major heads relating to national and international efforts to combat biological weapons, bio-terrorism and bio-defence. A fouth section deals with investigations into SARS and bird flu, a chronology relating to biological weapons, and a bibliography of the important literature in this regard. Printed Pages: 246 View more info

Brave Men of the Hills

By: Parimal Ghosh

Price: $17.70

Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

Seller ID: 1200782

ISBN: 8173042314

Condition: New

Contents: Introduction. I. On the Banks of the Salween and the Irrawaddy: 1. The estate of the Myothugyi. 2. The Sangha. 3. The new regime. 4. The aftermath, first phase. 5. The aftermath, second phase. 6. Leaders of men. 7. The King's Conspiracy. 8. Revolt in the Periphery, Act I. II. In the heartland of Burma: 1. Crisis in upper Burma. 2. The new centre. 3. A people's revolt. 4. Of Kings, Officers and Churchmen. 5. The rank and file.6. The Gameplan. 7. Revolt in the Periphery Act II. III. The rape of Suvarnabhumi: 1. Metamorphosis. 2. Metamorphosis continued. 3. A new countenance. 4. A form ... View more info

The Tejas Story: The Light Combat Aircraft Project

By: Rajkumar Philip

Price: $32.50

Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

Seller ID: 1200772

ISBN: 8173047642

Condition: New

he Indian Light Combat Aircraft (Tejas) has had a long and checkered development history. The ahthor traces in some detail the development of the all important fly-by-wire flight control system, which was being developed in India for the first time. The less than ideal relationship between the three key players in the project, ADA, HAL and the IAF can be read between the lines. In spite of this, the many challenges overcome by the development team is a heartwarming success story of Indian technological endeavour. Printed Pages: 190 View more info

Warfare Religion and Society in Indian History

By: Raziuddin Aquil & Kaushik Roy (Eds)

Price: $49.90

Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

Seller ID: 1200759

ISBN: 8173049580

Condition: New

Contents: Preface. Introduction. 1. Breaking the thigh and the Warrior code/Torkel Brekke. 2. Dispatching Kafirs to hell?: the languages of warfare, politics and religion in the Delhi Sultanate/Raziuddin Aquil. 3. India's Military revolution: the view from early sixteenth century Deccan/Richard M. Eaton. 4. Rethinking early Mughal warfare: Babur's pitched battles, 1499-1529/Pratyay Nath. 5. Territories wars nation: chronicling Ahom Mughal confrontation/Arupjyoti Saikia. 6. Responses to religion and politics: Riti-kal poetry c 121550-1850/Sandhya Sharma. 7. Indian Subaltern autobiographies: two... View more info

ISRO Nike-Apache To GSLV-Mk III

By: S.N. Sharma

Price: $57.40

Publisher: New Delh, Lenin Media Pvt. Ltd.: 2018

Seller ID: 1201467

ISBN: 9789385494277

Condition: New

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has evolved a programme through which financial support is provided for conducting research and development activities related to Space Science, Space Technology and Space Application to academia in India. This programme of Research Sponsored by ISRO is called RESPOND. The aim of RESPOND is to encourage quality research in areas of relevance to the Indian space programme. The most popular sounding rocket introduced during the 1960-1964 period was the two-stage, solid-propellant Nike-Apache, which was similar to the Nike-Cajun in most respects. The ... View more info

India's National Security: Annual Review 2016-17


Price: $34.87

Publisher: New Delhi, Routledge/Manohar Publishers&Distributors: 2018

Seller ID: 1201078

ISBN: 1138483117

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 454 View more info

India’s National Security: Annual Review 2014

By: Satish Kumar (Ed.)

Price: $47.30

Publisher: New Delhi, Routledge/ Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

Seller ID: 1201901

ISBN: 1138191272

Condition: New

Table of Contents 1. An Overview Part I. National Security Review 2. National Security Environment (i) Global Security Trends (ii) External Security Situation (iii) Developments pertaining to Asia, Africa and Latin America (iv) Internal Security Developments (v) India’s Defence Initiatives. Part II India’s Neighbours 3. India’s Neighbours (i) Challenges to Democracy in Nepal (ii) Islamic Radicalism and Politics in Bangladesh (iii) Afghanistan in Transition (iv) Militancy and Politics in Pakistan Part III. Challenges for India 4. India’s Approach to Multilateral Trade Negotiations 5. Se... View more info

The Bengal Army and the Outbreak of the Indian Mutiny

By: Saul David

Price: $46.70

Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

Seller ID: 1200764

ISBN: 8173047804

Condition: New

New. In 1857 the Indian troops of the Bengal Army rose against their Colonial masters. They were quickly joined by tens of thousands of discontented civilians in what was to become the bloodiest insurrection in the History of the British Empire. For much of the last century, Indian and British scholars downplayed the Importance of Professional grievances in their accounts of why the Military insurrection of 1857 took place. Most viewed the Bengal sepoys as uniformed peasants who were affected by the same social, economic and Religious concerns as their civilian counterparts. They tended to ide... View more info

Chhe-Saat`: Memoir of an Officer of the 6th 7th Rajput Regiment

By: Stuart Ottowell

Price: $25.40

Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

Seller ID: 1200767

ISBN: 8173047634

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 156 View more info

Prelude to Empire: Plassey Revolution of 1757

By: Sushil Chaudhury

Price: $57.90

Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

Seller ID: 1200783

ISBN: 8173043019

Condition: New

This book dispels the received wisdom that the Plassey conspiracy was an 'Indian born' conspiracy, that the British had no 'calculated plotting' behind the Plassey revolution, that it was the 'internal crisis in Bengal which inevitably brought in the British' and that the British conquest was almost 'accidental'. By making an in-depth analysis of the genesis of and the circumstances leading to the Plassey conspiracy and revolution, Professor Sushil Chaudhury discounts the 'collaboration thesis' as well and shows conclusively that it was the British who not only engineered and encouraged the co... View more info

Dragon Emerging Colonies in World

By: Thakur Nilesh & Prakash Singh (Authors)

Price: $60.60

Publisher: New Delh, Lenin Media Pvt. Ltd.: 2018

Seller ID: 1201453

ISBN: 8193589335

Condition: New

Contents: 1. China the world's new colonial power. 2. China: an emerging destination for economic migration. 3. China's new colonial powers in Africa. 4. Chinese neocolonialism in Zimbabwe. 5. Chinese neocolonialism in Sri Lanka. 6. China emergence in Pakistan. 7. China investment in Nepal. 8. China emerging colony in Maldives. China's currency has certainly been in the news so far this year, but one milestone of sorts at the end of 2015 attracted relatively little attention. On December 22, Zimbabwe became the first foreign country to adopt the Chinese yuan as its primary international curren... View more info

Military Costume and Accoutrements in Ancient India

By: Uma Prasad Thapliyal

Price: $25.00

Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors:

Seller ID: 1200760

ISBN: 8173049556

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 166 View more info

China Democracy and Human Rights

By: Vishnu Shankar Singh

Price: $61.10

Publisher: New Delh, Lenin Media Pvt. Ltd.: 2018

Seller ID: 1201466

ISBN: 9789386720054

Condition: New

Contents: 1. China: past, present and future. 2. Democracy in China. 3. Government and politics of China. 4. Chinese democracy movement. 5. Human rights in China. 6. Human rights to subsistence in China. 7. China and human rights and political freedoms. Democracy was a major concept introduced to China in the late nineteenth century. The debate over its form and definition as well as application was one of the major ideological battlegrounds in Chinese politics for well over a century. The People’s Republic of China was initially based on Mao’s concept of “New Democracy”, not the immed... View more info