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Songs of Travel, Stories of Place: Poetics of Absence in an Eastern Indonesian Society (Folklore Fellows Communications 299)

By: Timo Kaartinen

Price: $76.00

Publisher: Helsinki, Finland, Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia (Academia Scientiarum Fennica)/Bookstore Tiedekirja: 2010

Seller ID: 113816

ISBN: 9514110528

Condition: New

This book explores narratives of people who trace their origin to Banda, the famous Nutmeg Islands of Eastern Indonesia. They were displaced from their ancient homeland by the Dutch colonization of Banda in 1621 and carry on their language and traditions in the village described in this study. The Bandanese continue traveling to distant places in pursuit of recognition by their ancestral allies. They bring their past into life through rituals and verbal arts which commemorate absent travelers and anticipate their return.The expressive genres of the Bandanese force us to ask what counts as hist... View more info

Cultural Capitalism: Politics After New Labour

By: Timothy Bewes & Jeremy Gilbert (Authors)

Price: $6.50

Publisher: Delhi, India, Aakar Books: 2015

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 109003

ISBN: 9789350023181

Condition: New

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Timeless Traditions Contemporary Forms: Art and Craft of Madhya Pradesh

By: Tinoo Joshi

Price: $17.37

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Wisdom Tree:

Seller ID: 106847

ISBN: 8183281591

Condition: New

Crafts are a true expression of a community’s cultural identity. Traditional craft works often depict the social and aesthetic character of a society, and have been sustained over time not only because of their rich symbolic content, but also because of their contribution to the socio-economic growth of the region. The rich cultural heritage of Madhya Pradesh is evident from the variety of traditional arts and crafts produced in the state — from textiles to woodwork, jewellery to leather products, and toys to bamboo products and tribal arts, Madhya Pradesh is a veritable cornucopia of arti... View more info

Spiti: A Study in Socio-Cultural Traditions

By: Tobdon

Price: $20.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Delta/Kaveri Book Service: 2015

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 104158

ISBN: 8174791728

Condition: New

The book concerns about the people of Spiti, their life, society, culture, religion, history, etc., who had been living in the extremely difficult environment in the high Himalayan valleys. High altitude, scarcity of precipitation, dry and bitterly cold climate, lack of vegetation, single crop in a year that too grown with great care, are some of the prominent features of the environment of the area. In order to sustain life in such a condition with extremely scarce natural resources the society made innovations in evolving some unique social institutions capable of resisting the threatening f... View more info

Sacred Spaces and Powerful Places in Tibetan Culture: A Collection of Essays

By: Toni Huber (Ed.)

Price: $40.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Paljor Publications/Library of Tibetan Works & Archives: 1999

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 103631

ISBN: 8186470220

Condition: New

The essays in this volume all attempt to document and interpret ways in which Tibetan peoples have identified and related to different categories of space and place as being unique or of higher ontological value, and as being set apart from many other spheres and sites of human life. The focus of the collection is intentionally broad, and its very breadth reflects the multitude of traditions of thinking about space and place which can be found in Tibetan culture, and which have also been associated with Tibet by non-Tibetans.The authors present data from the high Tibetan plateau, but also from... View more info

Festivals of Tibet

By: Tsepak Rigzin

Price: $10.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Paljor Publications/Library of Tibetan Works & Archives: 2006

Edition: Revised Edition

Seller ID: 103632

ISBN: 8186470484

Condition: New

Tsepak's Rigzin's Festivals of Tibet is an invaluable work that captures the true essence of Tibetan festive traditions. Festivals such as Losar The Tibetan New Year, sMon Lam - The Great Prayer Festival, Saga Dawa, Buddha's Descent from Tushita, and the Dalai Lama's Birthday are each colourfully described with their own special charm. Tibet's rich and diverse festivals are explored, both in its historical and Buddhist context. Festivals of Tibet offers to the reader a glimpse into Tibet, bringing to life its people and its cultural traditions for all to enjoy.Printed Pages: 81. View more info

Finding Heritage Through Fiction in Dracula Tourism (Folklore Fellows’ Communications 311)

By: Tuomas Hovi

Price: $170.00

Publisher: Saarijärvi, Finland, Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia/Bookstore Tiedekirja: 2016

Seller ID: 113807

Condition: New

Heritage and tourism have become inextricably linked. Depending on the view point, the effect of this link can be seen either negative or positive. Does tourism produce in authentic and falsified tradition, threatening cultural heritage? Or does it, in fact, help to preserve heritage, culture and folklore in a changing and globalizing world? In this book, Finding Heritage Through Fiction in Dracula Tourism, Tuomas Hovi investigates heritage in the context of Dracula tourism in Romania: tourists visiting places connected with either the fictional vampire Dracula or the historical Dracula, Vlad ... View more info

Neolithic Cultures of South India

By: V. Shivananda

Price: $58.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Agam Kala Prakashan: 2017

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 115326

ISBN: 8173201765

Condition: New

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Madhya Bharat Ki Bouddh Sanskirti Evam Kala (in Hindi)

By: Vinay Kumar Ray

Price: $122.50

Publisher: Delhi, India, Swati Publications/Agam Kala Prakashan: 2016

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 108902

ISBN: 9789381843079

Condition: New

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Lucknow: The City of Heritage and Culture (A Walk through History)

By: Vipul B. Varshney (Author) & Ajaish Jaiswal (Photos)

Price: $68.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Niyogi Books: 2017

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 112632

ISBN: 9789385285523

Condition: New

Lucknow is known as a city of dreams, and 160 years after the elegant court of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, there are almost as many different ways of interpreting it, as there were dreamers. Splendid buildings in brick that have witnessed centuries of history, the chime of temple bells, the call of the muezzin, the magical strains of thumri, the soulful lyrics of ghazals, the expressive grace of Kathak dance, the exquisite crafts, the delicate flavours of cuisine-all these are part of the fascinating city of Lucknow. The famed nazaakat and nafaasat, go hand-in-hand with the marvellous buildings in ... View more info

The Currency of Tibet

By: Wolfgang Bertsch

Price: $13.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Paljor Publications/Library of Tibetan Works & Archives: 2002

Seller ID: 103636

ISBN: 8186470328

Condition: New

Is a powerful fictional account based on true story trickling from Tibet. In 1959, Communist China invaded Tibet under the pretext of liberating Tibet. What it brought in Tibet was miseries and destruction of the culture and values of one of the most peace loving nations in the world. Effort to gain certain degree of autonomy if not complete freedom is under way since the occupation. But the indifferent stand adopted by the Chinese side has made many young Tibetan restless. The Book reflects the growing frustration amoung the Tibetan youngsters in their effort to find a lasting solution to Tib... View more info

A Study of Tibetan Paper Money: With a Critical Bibliography

By: Wolfgang Bertsch

Price: $15.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Paljor Publications/Library of Tibetan Works & Archives: 1997

Seller ID: 103637

ISBN: 8186470166

Condition: New

Paper currency was only introduced into Tibet in the early 20 century, and yet Tibetan banknotes are arguably the most attractive among world currencies. The designs on the banknotes include both religious and national symbols, such as the snow lion and the lung rta ("wind horse"), and most are printed in vivid colours.This currency represents a unique blend of printing skills and the artistic genius inspired by a long historical tradition of Painting in Tibet. Those banknotes which survive are a testament to Tibet's independent status prior to 1959, and serve as a tangible reminder of... View more info