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Development, Decentralisation and Democracy: Essays for M.A. Oommen

By: Ash Narain Roy & George Mathew (Eds)

Price: $15.96

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Orient BlackSwan: 2015

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 102269

ISBN: 812505877X

Condition: New

Bringing together essays critical in contemporary development discourse, this volume addresses the broad themes of development as freedom, equality and human ascent within the framework of democracy and decentralised governance. The first seven essays interrogate and critique the ideas of democracy, development and its translation into the pursuit of growth that is market driven and measured exclusively in terms of GNP. They search for possible, more inclusive reconceptualisations of ‘development’. The other seven look at issues like primary education, food security, metropolitan finance, ... View more info

Tibet: Theocracy to Democracy

By: Dagmar Bernstorff (Ed.)

Price: $43.50

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Kaveri Book Service: 2016

Seller ID: 111110

ISBN: 8124119503

Condition: New

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Consumer India: Inside The Indian Mind and Wallet

By: Dheeraj Sinha

Price: $12.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Times Group Books: 2011

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 104591

ISBN: 8126529784

Condition: New

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Parliamentary Democracy in North East Indian

By: Jayanti Alam

Price: $18.67

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Kalpaz Publications/Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.: 2016

Seller ID: 106126

ISBN: 9789351281610

Condition: New

As mentioned in the beginning of the “Acknowledgement”, I found a general absence of political sense in the tribes of North-east India when I was conducting extensive and intensive field study to understand the socio-cultural characteristics of the Buddhist tribes of Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim. (I had earlier studied a similar aspect amongst the Tibetans in India—both refugees and traditional settlers, who had come as traders many centuries back and become Indian citizens). These tribal communities are vehemently conscious of their language, culture and way of life and their “politic... View more info

Customer Genius

By: Peter Fisk

Price: $7.50

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Times Group Books: 2009

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 104599

ISBN: 812652345X

Condition: New

Customer Genius offers you a more intelligent and imaginative approach to customers. It starts from how customers see the world, what they seek to achieve and the context in which they see your business as part of that activity or ambition. It reaches deeper into the customer psyche, reaching beyond superficial research averages, beyond articulating needs and wants based on convention, to what motivates and inspires them. And as a result, learns to work on their terms -- inverting the way we do business, pull rather than push, understanding where, when and how they want to do work with us. It ... View more info

Bharat Bangladesh: Samasyayein Avem Chunotiyan (in Hindi)

By: Pravin Kumar Singh

Price: $13.75

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Raj Publications: 2013

Seller ID: 106342

ISBN: 9789382281061

Condition: New

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Asia Annual 2011: Democracy in Asia: Discourses and Counter-Discourses

By: Priya Singh (Ed.)

Price: $17.60

Publisher: New Delhi, India, KW Publishers: 2012

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 104330

ISBN: 9789381904305

Condition: New

The Asia Annual 2011 focuses on the various aspects of democracy in the Asian context. The chapters in this volume reflect diverse perceptions, adopting an interdisciplinary approach, which enhance the discussions and reveal a plethora of opinions and outlooks. The collection of essays has been arranged primarily in terms of 'regions' (in the geopolitical sense). The volume brings together contributions from leading experts and 'area specialists' who offer special insights and critiques on crucial issues and questions related to the central theme of democracy in their respective 'regions/areas... View more info

Tireless Border Diplomacy of India with China and Pakistan

By: Rajkumar Singh

Price: $20.30

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Kaveri Book Service: 2016

Seller ID: 111108

ISBN: 8121213258

Condition: New

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India: Democracy and Violence

By: Samir Kumar Das (Ed.)

Price: $21.05

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Oxford University Press: 2015

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 104488

ISBN: 0199451834

Condition: New

Violence is usually located outside the democratic domain. Its recurrence is understood as a direct threat to democracy. Democracies are called upon to 'manage', 'tackle', or 'deal with' it, not necessarily through democratic means. Today, democracy is sought to be 'exported' across continents by waging war on countries that, according to the exporting countries of the West,are yet to become democratic. This book contests and demystifies the celebrationist understanding of democracy and argues that violence is embedded in democracy as much as democracy is embedded in violence. Their interconne... View more info

Creating a Transparent Democracy: A New Model (Fourth Edition)

By: Shamar Rinpoche

Price: $3.90

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.: 2010

Edition: Fourth Edition

Seller ID: 102539

ISBN: 8178223104

Condition: New

It is generally believed that democracy, though not perfect, is yet the best form of government created by man. However, with all its merits, democracy leaves scope for betterment. The present book is an attempt to point out and remove the defects of democracy. Political power and authority, to be effective, must be decentralised. Decentralisation is necessary for social justice and people's participation in decision making. People must be provided political literacy. It is unrealistic to expect illiterate and ill-informed people to understand political literacy. It is unrealistic to expect il... View more info

Democracy in the Shadow of Civil Military Relations in Pakistan

By: Shiraz Sheikh

Price: $4.60

Publisher: New Delhi, India, KW Publishers: 2015

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 105053

ISBN: 9789383649327

Condition: New

Pakistan was not born as a military state but the military has ruled the country more than the civilians in its short history. After partition, the military shaped the politics of Pakistan in several ways. Set of causes – historical, institutional and societal – are attributed to the decline of democratic institutions and the rise of military as the dominant political institution in Pakistan. Due to the ascent of military regimes, Pakistan did not follow the dominant paradigm of separation of civil-military institutions where the military plays a subservient role to the civilian authority.... View more info