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Information Generation and Library Use by University Teachers

By: A. Durvasa Babu

Price: $4.16

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.: 1994

Seller ID: 105789

ISBN: 8121204615

Condition: New

The reputation of any University is evaluated on the basis of the performance of the university teachers. The performance indicates the quality and number of research projects undertaken, information generated in the form of publication of articles, text book, monographs, submission of papers to seminars and conferences and research guidance. The teacher is the subject of this study. His performance is evaluated on the basis of the factors such as cadre, teaching experience, sex, faculty environment, financial assistance, domestic factors, administrative duties, etc. Further, the study is conc... View more info

Computer Networking in Libraries

By: Arunima Baruah

Price: $14.53

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Kalpaz Publications/Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.: 2001

Seller ID: 105993

ISBN: 817835084X

Condition: New

The advent of Computer networking as an accepted part of the Library and information Infrastructure has had a very significant impact on the way in which library and information systems are perceived and increasingly on the roles and work Patterns of those who work in them and those who use them. It is now quite feasible to conceive of the library as a distributed network of information sources rather than as a centralized repository of recorded knowledge. This shift in Perception has dramatic Consequences for both information professionals and the community of users, many of which have yet to... View more info

People`s Library Movement

By: R. Raman Nair

Price: $3.60

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd.: 2000

Seller ID: 112401

ISBN: 8170228220

Condition: New

This book is a comprehensive evaluation of the people's library movement. The study examines the origins of the movement, its evolution, achievements, failures and lessons that other movements should learn from its experiences. People's library movement of Kerala can enlighten other voluntary movements on how to encourage the common people to become active participants in development. People's Library Movement will be of interest to development activists, administrators interested in participatory development programmes and social workers involved in managing public libraries and community inf... View more info

Academic Librarianship: A Perspective

By: R. Sreepathy Naidu

Price: $3.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.: 1989

Seller ID: 105708

ISBN: 812120271X

Condition: New

Librarianship is gaining new dimensions as the dissemination of information is becoming more intensive and extensive. The development is reflected in the technology, professionalism and budget. The Professional librarian is invariably burdened with myriad responsibilities and problems which accompany the growth. On the subject of Academic librarianship, R. Sreepathy Naidu is an Authority with an impeccable record spanning over 32 years. He has watched and directed the various phases a Library goes through to become a premier academic library which Sri Venkateswara University library is. The su... View more info

Trends in Library and Information Science

By: Sonal Singh & Surendra Singh

Price: $12.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.: 2000

Seller ID: 105977

ISBN: 8121206766

Condition: New

Today, information, whether in the form of empirical data or in the developed form called "knowledge' is regarded as a vital national source. This book deals with this vital subject, comprehensively and exhaustively. It's a must for all scholars, professionals and students in the discipline concerned.Printed Pages: 398. View more info

Library Management: Recent Thoughts and Development

By: Subodh Gopal Nandi

Price: $9.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Kaveri Book Service: 2011

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 104209

ISBN: 8174791159

Condition: New

The present work Library Management: Recent Thoughts and Development highlights on the recently developed change environment and tries to create the new vision in the field of library and information centre. This work contains 13 chapters which are all related to current topics on library management and services, such as, trends in library management; job satisfaction of library professionals; library and its working group; library profession and code of ethics; library and information services in e-library environment; open source software and its application; e-publications as helpful resour... View more info

Handbook of Library and Information Science

By: Sunjoy K. Singh (Ed.)

Price: $34.75

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Lenin Media Pvt. Ltd.: 2017

Seller ID: 111944

ISBN: 9789385496226

Condition: New

Printed Pages: 314. View more info