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By: A.K. Hazra

Price: $132.00

Publisher: New Delhi, Viva Books Private Limited: 2017

Seller ID: 702139

ISBN: 9789386105400

Condition: New

The book is intended for undergraduate and graduate students of Mathematics, Engineering, Social Sciences in general. Professionals and researchers of those fields may also use it as a reference and find the book useful. It is one of the principal branches of Mathematics. The contents are arranged in such a way that a beginner can easily grasp the material step by step. The theories are made lucid through illustrated examples. No prerequisite is necessary for sequential study of the materials, except some preliminary knowledge of calculus for the Calculus part of the book. The ‘Generalized I... View more info

An Introduction to Fuzzy Set Theory and Fuzzy Logic, 2/e

By: Chander Mohan

Price: $42.50

Publisher: New Delhi, Viva Books Private Limited: 2018

Seller ID: 702137

ISBN: 9789387153691

Condition: New

This book presents the rudiments of fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic and related topics and their applications in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. Written with a general type of reader in mind, the book avoids the extremes of abstract mathematical proofs as well as specialized technical details of different areas of application. The book is intended to motivate the readers in getting a clear grasp of the basic concepts of the subject and its possible applications. A special feature of the book is that the exercises at the end of each chapter are preceded by a set of short-answer review-... View more info

Mathematical Methods for Scientists & Engineers

By: Donald A. McQuarrie

Price: $42.25

Publisher: New Delhi, Viva Books Private Limited: 2009

Seller ID: 702138

ISBN: 8130909979

Condition: New

From best-selling author Donald McQuarrie comes his newest text, Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers. Intended for upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses in chemistry, physics, math and engineering, this book will also become a must-have for the personal library of all advanced students in the physical sciences. Comprised of more than 2000 problems and 700 worked examples that detail every single step, this text is exceptionally well adapted for self study as well as for course use. Famous for his clear writing, careful pedagogy, and wonderful problems and examples, McQua... View more info

Advanced Engineering Mathematics

By: Dr H S Govinda Rao

Price: $20.95

Publisher: New Delhi, Viva Books Private Limited: 2017

Seller ID: 702135

ISBN: 8130900092

Condition: New

Advanced Engineering Mathematics is a good reference on the practical mathematics used in engineering. The book has been designed to provide engineers with quick-access mathematical formulas for their specialities. It contains advanced topics such as Laplace transform and numerical methods. Simple and extensive treatment has been given to the topics involved. The book covers the foundation of Modern Mathematics which is being used by almost all the branches of engineering. More than 400 solved problems on all topics of the contents (employing different techniques in the solution) have been giv... View more info

Study of Analytic Number Theory: Riemann’s Hypothesis and Prime Number Theorem with Addendum on Integer Partitions

By: Lukasz Andrzej Glinka

Price: $26.50

Publisher: New Delhi, Viva Books Private Limited: 2013

Seller ID: 702141

ISBN: 8130922983

Condition: New

Exploring several classical issues of modern mathematics, this monograph is a historical and research study while the historical section focuses on Riemann’s Zeta function and related problems. The research encompasses number theorem and Riemann’s hypothesis, distribution of prime numbers, binomial regularization of Riemann’s zeta function and partitions of a positive integer based on Hardly-Ramanujan-Rademacher’s formula. This study is helpful for the mathematicians working in number theory, combinatorics, mathematical analysis function theory, and their applications. In this book: ... View more info

Medical Statistics Made Easy, 3/e

By: M Harris & G Taylor

Price: $13.25

Publisher: New Delhi, Viva Books Private Limited: 2016

Seller ID: 702140

ISBN: 8130928744

Condition: New

Medical Statistics Made Easythird edition continues to provide medical and healthcare students and professionals with the easiest possible explanations of the key statistical techniques used throughout the medical literature. Each statistical technique is graded for ease of use and frequency of appearance in the mainstream medical journals. Featuring a completely revised “Statistics at work”section, this new edition retains a consistent, concise and user-friendly format. Medical Statistics Made Easy third edition is essential reading for anyone looking to understand concepts like: confide... View more info

Viva CatchUp Maths & Stats, 2/e

By: M Harris & G Taylor and J Taylor

Price: $16.50

Publisher: New Delhi, Viva Books Private Limited: 2016

Seller ID: 702142

ISBN: 8130912392

Condition: New

Viva CatchUp Maths & Stats covers the core maths skills you will need on any life or medical sciences course including: working with fractions and powers preparation of a dilution series how to calculate standard deviation using and understanding graphs analysing enzyme kinetics choosing the right statistical test Over 200 examples are provided to show the relevance and application of maths and stats to your course.This new edition also now provides further coverage of differentiation and integration alongside nearly 70 more questions and answers to help you test your understanding. Viva Catch... View more info

Applied Engineering Mathematics

By: Xin-She Yang

Price: $42.50

Publisher: New Delhi, Viva Books Private Limited: 2017

Seller ID: 702136

ISBN: 8130931494

Condition: New

This books strives to provide a concise and yet comprehensive coverage of all major mathematical methods in engineering. Topics include advanced calculus, ordinary and partial differential equations, complex variables, vector and tensor analysis, calculus of variations, integral transforms, integral equations, numerical methods, and probability and statistics. Application topics consist of linear elasticity, harmonic motions, chaos and reaction-diffusion systems. This book can serve as a textbook in engineering mathematics, mathematical modelling and scientific computing. Printed Pages: 330.: View more info